‘Bridgerton’: Regé-Jean Page Revealed Some of the Horses Are Fake

Regé-Jean Page is one of the breakout stars of the Netflix series Bridgerton, a talented young actor who burst to fame in late 2020. As the charming Duke Simon Basset, Page won over many hearts around the world. In the years since, he’s had the opportunity to take on other exciting acting projects as a result of his Bridgerton success.

'Bridgerton' actor Regé-Jean Page
‘Bridgerton’ actor Regé-Jean Page | Liam Daniel/Netflix

All the while, Page has remained transparent about his experience filming the period romance. In an interview released around the same time that the first season premiered, Page opened up about the filming process, revealing that fake horses were used during several key scenes.

Regé-Jean Page played Simon Basset in ‘Bridgerton’

When Bridgerton premiered on Netflix in December 2020, few pop culture fans were familiar with the handsome actor who played Simon Basset. However, it wasn’t long before his name was on everyone’s lips.

Page’s portrayal of the charming yet conflicted duke made waves, and many proclaimed him to be the big breakout star of the hit series.

While Page did not return to the show for the second season and has announced his intention to pursue other projects, for now, he is still closely associated with the world of Bridgerton – and many fans hold out hope that he could eventually return to the role that he made so popular. 

What did Regé-Jean Page say about the fake horses in ‘Bridgerton’?

In a December 2020 interview with Still Watching Netflix, Page discussed how interesting it was to film the carriage scenes in Bridgerton. “A bunch of the horses in the series are fake,” Page admitted.

“They’re not actually horses at all. We filmed the carriage scenes in the studio. Usually, it’s just like three grips … you’re just sat there, and you have a greenscreen in the background, and it’s just like ‘OK, make the horses go faster,’ and then you hear three guys go ‘ughhh…’

Page joked, “I guess they take that out in post-production. I find it hard to keep a straight face through that.” In spite of the trickery that went on to make the carriage scenes happen, they certainly looked convincing onscreen – and for many fans, the intimate carriage scenes between Daphne and Simon were some of the most winning moments in the entire first season of Bridgerton

Regé-Jean Page opened up about ‘Bridgerton’s’ success

As much as fans want Page to return to Bridgerton, it seems as though the actor is content where things stand. In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Page discussed where his character left off in Season One, noting, “Shondaland I are still super proud of how we stuck that landing.” Page went on to describe how, according to Bol News,

“Much like we were talking about playing villains, Simon started from a very dark place. He was emotionally broken, and the fact that we had this beautiful redemption arc is what feels so good about him.”

Page noted that since his character and Daphne are now happily married and are ostensibly enjoying their “happily ever after,” the production team behind Bridgerton “aren’t going to touch” the character of Simon Basset.

He also admitted that despite the rumors, nothing concrete suggests that the character is being recast and again reiterated that he doesn’t plan on returning to the show that made him a star. In the end, he’s thrilled about the show’s success and for the reception that he’s received, admitting, “I’m so glad that they had a good time and they want more.”

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