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Fans will fight about any movie on the internet, and Captain Marvel was no exception. Long before the Marvel film appeared in theaters, people already had negative opinions of it. Then the movie came out, and fans started to complain that she hadn’t appeared even earlier.

Now, Marvel has announced Captain Marvel 2, and the rumors are already flying. But the one thing everyone agrees with is to bring back Maria Rambeau.

Reddit has been abuzz about the character Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel. She and Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel’s secret identity) are best friends in the film. Not only is there great chemistry between the characters but the actors, Brie Larson and Lashana Lynch, also really shined together on-screen.

As a fan put it, “I don’t know if I’d call her a minor character, but I really do hope we see more of Maria Rambeau. The dynamic between her and Carol was great.” Will Maria return? And what is the connection between her, and her daughter, to the character in the comic books?

Are Rambeau and Danvers friends in the comic books?

Rambeau and Danvers don’t have the same relationship in the comic books, and Refinery29 does a great job taking a deep dive into their history. Maria’s daughter Monica Rambeau, Maria’s daughter, is the superhero in the comic books and is the second person to use the name Captain Marvel, Danvers being the sixth.

While Monica was Captain Marvel, The Marvel universe knew Danvers as Ms. Marvel. Comics are confusing. Danvers and Maria didn’t have an unfriendly relationship, but she was closer in age to Monica. Now, Monica goes by the name Photon as Danvers uses Captain Marvel.

Will Rambeau be in ‘Captain Marvel 2’?

Rambeau may be in Captain Marvel 2, but as a fan pointed out on Reddit, “Well, given that the sequel is basically confirmed to take place after Endgame, I think that’s out of the table. Maybe in a flashback. Which sucks because I loved Lashana Lynch in the role.”

The MCU set Captain Marvel in the ’80s, so Captain Marvel 2 would happen at least two decades later. Not that this stops comic book movies, as another fan responded, “I could see her coming back. I mean, if they were able to make Samuel L Jackson look young for an entire movie and make Haley Atwell look like an old woman, it shouldn’t be too hard to bring Maria back.”

Nick Fury did offer Maria a job at the end of Captain Marvel. Maybe she took him up on it. In any case, Maria is sure to make an appearance, even if it’s as an older woman saying hello to her friend. Their bond was just too tight not to include her.

Why do fans respond to Maria Rambeau?

Lashana Lynch attends the "Captain Marvel European Gala"
Lashana Lynch attends the “Captain Marvel European Gala” | Dave J Hogan/Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

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Rambeau’s appeal is a fantastic performance by Lynch, but it was more profound than that. Maria and Danvers are great together in Captain Marvel and Maria having a daughter named Monica is a nice nod to the fans and possible foreshadowing to Photon.

Sometimes in movies, certain actors just have a unique chemistry, and sometimes their characters do, but in Captain Marvel, both came together to create a perfect whole.

Cinema Blend quoted the following from Larson in a press conference. She does a great job explaining the magic of their relationship that fans responded to: “What they’ve gone through together, going through military training together… is really special.”

“This is the person to go to the ends of the earth to fight to defend. And to me, it’s so natural.” “Maria is the love.’ It’s not something we made a big deal about, but it feels so natural. That love is so strong. The movie shifts when she’s on-screen because there’s a level of power she commands.”