‘Bringing Up Bates’: Carlin Bates Says She Wants 23 Kids After Birth of First Child

Carlin Bates has taken to motherhood in a big way. The 22-year-old welcomed her first child with husband Evan Stewart on January 31. Now that she’s met daughter Layla Rae, she can’t wait to expand her family, as she revealed in a clip from Bringing Up Bates shared with Us Weekly.  

Carlin Bates says she wants more kids than her mom

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Carlin definitely isn’t new to taking care of babies. She’s the ninth of 19 kids born to Gil and Kelly Jo Bates. And now it sounds like she might be thinking about having a big family of her own, just like her parents. 

In the clip, Carlin and Evan head to her family’s big house to introduce daughter Layla for the first time.  

“She’s giving me baby fever. I think I need another one now,” says Carlin’s sister-in-law Whitney Bates 

“That’s what I said!” Carlin replies. “So much for 19 [kids]. Here comes me. I’m [planning] on 23,” she says enthusiastically. 

“I need 100 of them,” she jokes later. 

Evan, 24, seemed a little more hesitant. “We’re not trying to break any records,” he clarified. 

Carlin and Evan’s baby has had some health problems 

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Unfortunately, it hasn’t been completely smooth sailing for the first-time parents since Layla’s birth. In May, Carlin shared that their daughter had faced some health struggles. 

“There have been many ups and downs since our precious Layla was born,” she wrote in an Instagram update. “In some ways I feel like the hospital has become our 2nd home!”

Carlin went on to explain that Layla had been experiencing breathing problems for a while. At first, she suspected the issues might be related to Layla’s premature birth. Things got really scary when Carlin was in the hospital with meningitis. Layla, who was staying with her aunt Erin Bates,  started turning blue and had to be rushed to the hospital. 

A doctor examined Layla and discovered she had a small hole in her heart. Later, her pediatrician explained that acid reflux might also be behind her breathing difficulties. Whatever the cause, Carlin was so nervous about Layla’s health she had trouble sleeping and ended up purchasing a special sock that monitors her baby’s breathing at night. 

Carlin says she trusts in God

Despite the challenges and her fears for her daughter, Carlin remains confident that everything will work out for the best. 

“Although we’re still so nervous about the outcomes of everything, I know my God is in control and He’s writing our little story,” she wrote. “I am so thankful for His protection over my sweet baby girl.”

“Becoming a mother has grown me in so many ways, and I’m beyond blessed that God gave me this little girl,” she added. “We appreciate all your prayers for Layla Rae.”

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