British Royals Like Prince Harry and Prince William Can’t Call Parents Mom and Dad

The royal family is constantly in the spotlight for one reason or another. Fans all over the world can’t get enough of the royals, from their fashion to all the drama involving their marriages and divorces. Still, it is their traditions that are probably the most fascinating.

The royals are known to follow a lot of traditions and to abide by a series of royal “rules” that are said to be quite strict. One of the strangest rules is one that dictates what royal children must call their parents. This applies to everyone from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles to Prince William and Prince Harry.

The world is fascinated with the British royal family

British royal family at the Trooping the Colour
British royal family at the Trooping the Colour | Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

The monarchy dates back generations, and for many Britons, life without the royals would be truly unimaginable. As figureheads of the country, as icons of fashion, and as people who have revealed themselves to be devastatingly human, the royals continue to make headlines all around the world, year after year.

Many are divided on the role of the royal family in politics, but in spite of the back and forth public opinion, the royals have remained at the forefront of British culture to this day.

In recent years, the royal family has become more popular than ever, with the addition of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex to the royal ranks. Prince Andrew’s high-profile scandal brought the royals significant negative press, but the family has managed to rise above the fray, headed by Queen Elizabeth II, one of the world’s longest-reigning monarchs

The royal family has to follow a lot of rules 

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Conservative and proper at all times, members of the royal family have to follow a number of strict rules that govern the way that they dress, conduct themselves in public, speak to others, and even eat at family meals. Royal family members are required to dress rather conservatively, with many of the royal women often seen in public wearing knee-length dresses and tights. The children often wear old-fashioned clothes, with knee-high socks and classically designed shoes being the norm for very young ones.

Family structure is very important to the royal family, as is expressing the proper respect to the queen. PDA is frowned upon in public and royal couples are not encouraged to use nicknames when addressing each other at events.

When it comes to food, the royals also have an interesting code of conduct. Reportedly, the queen has a particular dislike for garlic, therefore, it is not served at any meal in the palace. Most carbs, such as pasta, potatoes, and rice, are not served for dinners at the palace, as the queen is said to prefer lean, healthy options, such as fish and vegetables.

However, out of all the strange royal rules in place, one of the most bizarre (at least to American sensibilities) is what royal children traditionally call their parents.

What do royal family members call their parents?

According to a 2018 report by Reader’s Digest, fans of the royal family will never hear the royals refer to their parents as “mom and dad.” In fact, the report states that royals “call their parents ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ even as adults. Isn’t it endearing to think of Prince Charles still calls Queen Elizabeth Mummy?”

While this rule isn’t set in stone, and like most of the rules within the royal family, it is open to some flexibility, it seems as though this is one particular tradition that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Multiple sources have confirmed this tradition, so for most fans, this is one royal rumor that can be considered true.