Why BTS Fans Adopted a Wolf in Honor of ‘Worldwide Handsome’ Jin

Jin is “Worldwide Handsome,” known for performing on songs like “Permission to Dance” and “Life Goes On.” As a result, some fans celebrated their time with this BTS member with a symbolic animal adoption. 

Here’s what we know about the Red Wolf, Jack, and why ARMYs adopted this endangered animal.

Jin of boy band BTS is seen on departure at Gimpo International Airport
Jin of boy band BTS is seen on departure at Gimpo International Airport | Han Myung-Gu/GC Images

Jin’s BTS emoji is the mouse/hamster

BTS debuted in 2013, later becoming one of the world’s biggest K-pop groups. They performed “Dynamite” at the Grammy Awards and broke YouTube records with their “Butter” music video. They also collaborated with award-winning musicians like Megan Thee Stallion, Coldplay, and Sia. 

Since their debut, these artists also adopted animal emojis to represent them. For Jungkook, it’s a bunny, while RM is a bear. Jin, while portrayed by the hamster/mouse emoji, is similar to other animals, according to the BTS idols. According to a fan translation, the members described which animals each member resembles during a 2014 interview.

“Jin looks manly, and he’s chic like a wolf but personality-wise, he’s carefree, so he’s sloth-like,” Jungkook said. “He’s really nice, and he’s also a good cook, so we call him ‘granny’ between us.”

BTS ARMYs ‘adopted’ a wolf in honor of Jin

As the oldest member of BTS, Jin functions as a vocalist and dancer for the group. Additionally, he takes on the role of BTS’ “visual,” earning nicknames like “Worldwide Handsome Jin” and even “Car Door Guy” for one picture that captured him looking flawless exiting a vehicle. 

In 2021, BTS fans decided to celebrate the “Moon” artist. According to Bollywood Life, “one of his fans adopted an endangered wolf in support of the Species Survival Program for Red Wolves.” The wolf named Jack and his pack received support in honor of ARMYs spending 10,500 days with “Worldwide Handsome Jin.”

Why a wolf, though? There’s one video of this animal that reminded fans of Jin running to see the BTS ARMY. This wouldn’t be the first time Jin inspired activism among fans, as the BTS members partnered with UNICEF for the “Love Myself Campaign.” They also donated to the Black Lives Matter movement, inspiring fans to do the same. 

BTS ARMYs often celebrate the members’ birthdays with donations and, in the past, lavish gifts 

These idols received some lavish gifts from ARMYs since their debut. Jungkook even received gold bars, symbolic of his nickname, the “Golden Maknae.” Once the K-pop group stopped accepting fan gifts, ARMYs got creative when celebrating the BTS members’ birthdays.  

Similar to the “Serendipity” music video, ARMYs created a giant bubble statue with a figure of Jimin in South Korea. In honor of RM’s love of nature and “Namjooning,” BTS fans planted trees in recognition of his birthday. 

This year brings an important birthday for Kim Seokjin, as the artist turns 30 years old (Korean age) in 2021. Already, ARMYs have several birthday projects up their sleeves, including cafe celebrations across the globe and billboards in major cities. 

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