BTS Fans Are Convinced Jimin Will Sing the Intro for the Group’s New Album

Another day, another theory about the upcoming BTS album. The Korean band is currently working on an album, with each member taking on a different role in the creative process. On July 15, fans woke up to find #JIMININTRO trending on Twitter because ARMY suspects Jimin will perform the intro in the band’s upcoming self-produced album.

Jimin of BTS
Jimin of BTS | Rich Fury/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Jimin is the music project manager on BTS’s album

BTS’s upcoming album was first revealed on April 17 when RM held a YouTube Live and told fans the band members planned to share regular updates about the album-making process with ARMY. In a YouTube Live on April 24, Suga told ARMY that the members would be self-producing the album, with each member taking on a different role. A few days later, Jimin held a YouTube Live on May 1 and revealed he is the music project manager on the album.

“So we picked Project Managers and I’ve been picked as the music PM this time,” Jimin said. “Suga had a strong opinion about it… Suga’s opinion then was that, by doing this kind of work, he hoped that I could, kind of, get a little closer to the music.”

The singer updated fans on the status of the album

On June 16, Jimin held another YouTube Live and told fans that the members had been working on making songs for the new album.

“The members and the music producers of the company wrote their… anything from melody to songs or a melody in a song. Some wrote the melody in someone else’s song or some worked on an entire song including the lyrics. So after we worked on our pieces, now we’ve put those pieces together. The members have sent in their work too,” he said.

The BTS singer also explained his role as a project manager and how he is the bridge between BTS and Big Hit Entertainment in the album-making process.

“As now I’m a project manager, I’ve collected the songs the members worked on and sent those to the company saying ‘this is what we got so far,'” he said. “Me and the members worked a lot. And I also made two or three songs.”

BTS fans think Jimin will sing the album’s intro

Why do fans think the intro will go to Jimin? In 2017, Big Hit Entertainment created a blog before the release of Love Yourself: Her. The blog contains information about the smeraldo flower’s role in BTS Universe, a series of music videos and short films where the BTS members play fictional characters connected by different story lines.

After years of being inactive, fans noticed the content on the blog was erased. A few days later on July 10, the blog’s content returned and the official Flower Smeraldo Twitter account posted a message containing a link to a new blog post.

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A second blog post was published on July 12, and on July 15 a third story was published. The third story referenced typhoons, umbrellas, and watching the rain. Before the third blog post was posted, Jimin posted twice on Weverse about watching a storm.

“There is a lot of thunder today,” he wrote in a post.

In another post Jimin told fans, “I’m having a glass of beer watching the rain. Don’t be scared and hope you have sweet dreams.”

How this relates to other clues

Fans are also convinced that BTS’s next album will fit into the BTS Universe because of the reactivation of the Flower Smeraldo blog. BTS Universe first started during BTS’s The Most Beautiful Moment in Life era, also known as their HYYH era, with the “I NEED U” music video in 2015.

In the HYYH era and in BTS Universe, Jimin’s character is frequently associated with water. If it is not all one big coincidence, Jimin’s Weverse post and the third blog post could be referencing Jimin’s BTS Universe character.

The last time Jimin was featured in an intro on a BTS album was with “Intro: Serendipity” on Love Yourself: Her in 2017. The solo song is one of the most popular in BTS’s discography, so if Jimin has an intro again fans know it will not disappoint.