Fans Are Convinced Jimin Will Dye His Hair Orange for BTS’ Comeback

At the beginning of this year, the BTS ARMY was ready for all of the hype surrounding BTS’ latest album, Map of the Soul: 7. The previous fall,  Jungkook, Jin, V, RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin had gone on an extensive hiatus after months of continuous work, recording, singing, and performing. It was a long break that they deserved.

Therefore, following their stellar performance at the 2020 Grammys in late January 2020, fans were hype to see what they would do next. However, no one could have anticipated the havoc the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic would wreak on the world. BTS‘ scheduled tours were put on hold indefinitely and like everyone else, the guys hunkered down in their hometown of Seoul, South Korea.

Now, as some parts of the world begin to slowly open, there have been whispers about BTS’ highly anticipated comeback, and fans are convinced that Jimin is about to return with a new signature look.

BTS is working on a new album

Though BTS has been on hiatus because it’s not safe for them to perform in front of a live audience, they’ve still been working behind the scenes. The guys are super active on social media and they’ve already confirmed they’ve been working on new music — a new album to be exact.

RM first shared that the band was working on a new album during an April 17 live stream. Since we’re in such a significant moment across the globe, the rapper revealed that this album would be different because BTS would be inviting the ARMY into their creative process.

Since then, all seven of the guys have shared their specific journeys with the new album on social media. They’ve shared their inner thoughts on the music and the particular roles that they’ve played in bringing the album to life.

BTS’ new album will drop in August

Though the guys nor their management company Big Hit Entertainment have shared a release date for new music, fans are convinced that the album will drop in August.

A major clue about the album’s release date came on July 10 when Twitter user @Smeraldo_Books tweeted a blog post that suggested BTS would be opening a flower shop. The ARMY knows that this is the code word the band has used in the past to reveal that they are going to drop new music. The tweet read,

Smeraldo blogs 170710: I’m planning to open a flower shop in mid September 17/9/18: DNA 180710: I’m planning to open a flower shop in end of August 18/8/24: Idol 200710: I’m planning to open a flower shop in end of August 2020 End of August: @BTS_twt COMEBACK?

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The BTS ARMY is convinced Jimin is about to dye his hair orange

The flower shop hint began in 2015 with the album Hwa Yong Yeon Hwa (HYYH) and at the time, Jimin who is known for his style had orange hair. The ARMY is now convinced that the singer will dye his hair bright orange for this comeback album.

“We are collectively not ready for jimin’s orange hair like I think we know it’s orange in theory but actually seeing it? Idt we’re gonna make it” one fan tweeted. Interestingly enough, though Jimin has been active on social media, he has not posted a selfie in some time. Fans are convinced this means his orange hair is loading.