BTS: Jimin Releases a Surprise Song Called ‘Christmas Love’

Leave it to Jimin of BTS to make the holiday season even more special for fans. On Christmas Eve, the BTS singer released a surprise song for free for fans to listen to on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Jimin’s new solo track is titled “Christmas Love,” and in the song, Jimin professes his love for winter and the holiday. He also took the time to explain that the song is a gift for ARMY.

Jimin of BTS | Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

Jimin released the song as a surprise

On Dec. 24 in South Korea, Jimin tweeted a link to the song on BTS’ blog. In the tweet, the BTS singer referenced that the new song was a gift for fans. The blog post contained a link to the song on SoundCloud, the song’s credits and lyrics, and a note from Jimin about the song’s creation.

“Christmas Love” was produced by Slow Rabbit. It was written by Slow Rabbit, Jimin, and RM. The song was also posted on YouTube for ARMY to listen to. As with many of BTS’ surprise releases, Jimin released the song for free and it is not available on paid platforms.

The message of ‘Christmas Love’

“Christmas Love” is a quintessential Christmas song with a cheery melody, sleigh bells, and an expression of love. At the start of the song, Jimin declares his love for the season and holiday, singing, “Christmas I love you / You’re the one.” He revisits this message throughout “Christmas Love,” particularly in the song’s chorus.

In his note to ARMY on BTS’ blog, Jimin revealed why he chose to create and release the song. Jimin explained that he wanted to bring some joy to the holiday season by revisiting a childhood memory.

“As you know from the song… This song is a scene where my favorite snow falls out of my childhood memories. I sing with my feelings when I first saw them,” Jimin wrote.

He continued, “As we grow up, it seems that we miss our childhood a lot. Whether that’s the situation now or not, I thought I wanted to go back to that time… That responsibility makes us mature. I thought that it might make us hide our emotions a little. But I still think we have those feelings. So it’s childish at least once, but how about expressing that feeling? I thought it would be nice if that day would be today.”

BTS fans appreciate Jimin’s new song

While Jimin dropping “Christmas Love” was unexpected, it turned out the singer was right about how much fans could use the song. On social media, fans thanked Jimin for his thoughtfulness and for bringing happiness to the holiday season.

“… it’s so true that as we grow older with more responsibilities & stress we start to prevent ourselves from feeling that childish joy… it’s so nice of him to understand & acknowledge that and release this song in order to help bring back that feeling of joy & excitement for Christmas. Jimin has such a big heart, truly an angel in disguise,” a Reddit user wrote.


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“This song honestly touched me so much… you feel such sincerity to its lyrics and its delivery (also it’s got a wonderfully catchy melody). Coupled with his note, I truly teared up,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

“Omg Jimin!!!!!! I want to cry. It’s such a cute song. It’s very much needed right now with how down and sad this holiday season has been,” wrote a Reddit user.