BTS’ Jin Says Performing Live Again Might Feel Like ‘Going Back Home’

BTS concerts often include fireworks, costume changes, a sea of ARMY bombs, and everything in between. However, it’s been several months since this award-winning K-pop group performed in a stadium for fans, primarily due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and safety concerns regarding travel and large crowds. 

Here’s how Jin believes he will feel when he finally returns to the stage with the other BTS members. 

Jin of boy band BTS is seen on departure at Gimpo International Airport
Jin of boy band BTS is seen on departure at Gimpo International Airport | Han Myung-Gu/GC Images

Big Hit Music canceled BTS’ ‘Map of the Soul’ tour

BTS is known for selling out stadiums worldwide, and the Map of the Soul world tour was no exception. Although these tour dates were initially postponed, BTS’ production company recently canceled these live performances due to safety concerns.

“Our company has worked hard to resume preparations for the BTS Map of the Soul Tour, knowing that all fans have been waiting eagerly and long for the tour,” Big Hit Music (also known as HYBE Corporation) said in a statement.

“Due to changing circumstances beyond our control, it has become difficult to resume performances at the same scale and timeline as previously planned,” it added. “Therefore, we must announce the cancellation of the BTS Map of the Soul Tour.

This wouldn’t be the first BTS-related event impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This K-pop group did not physically attend the 2021 Grammy Awards, where they were nominated for the first time. Fans and BTS members alike were disappointed with this announcement. 

The BTS members have not performed live for BTS fans in months

Live performances are special for BTS fans, as well as members of this K-pop group. Some members also commented on their potential reaction to performing for ARMYs after such a long hiatus of stadium shows. 

‘At first, I thought I’ll probably cry tears of joy. But would I? I don’t really think so,” Jin said during an interview with Weverse Magazine. “At first, I really thought I would, but now I think it might feel like going back home.” 

“It depends on who you ask, but I don’t think most people would cry just because they came back to their hometown after being away,” he continued. “I think that’s how I’ll feel: like I’m back where I should be.”

BTS connects with fans via social media

In the meantime, BTS sent their virtual well wishes to fans, especially with social media platforms like Weverse, TikTok, and Twitter. These artists sometimes appear in live streams for ARMYs. 

They also appeared in several interviews and released performances in conjunction with NPR (Tiny Desk Concert) and MTV (MTV Unplugged). Last year also brought new music written by the BTS members. That was the album Be (Deluxe Edition,) which featured songs like “Life Goes On,” “Blue & Grey,” and “Dynamite.”

Music by BTS, including the Be (Deluxe Edition) song “Life Goes On,” is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and most major platforms.

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