BTS: Jungkook Updates Fans About His Mixtape — ‘It’s Fine if It Takes a Really Long Time’

Since 2019, BTS fans have been excitedly awaiting the release of Jungkook’s mixtape. While the mixtape has not arrived yet, fans have been given an inkling of what it might sound like. In 2020, the BTS singer released the solo song “Still with You” for BTS Festa. Later that year, the song “Your Eyes Tell” was included on BTS’ Japanese album Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~, and “Stay” was released on BTS’ album BE. Both songs were originally created for Jungkook’s mixtape.

In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, Jungkook gave BTS fans an update on the status of his mixtape. According to the singer, ARMY should not expect the mixtape for a while, but it sounds like it will be worth the wait.

Jungkook of BTS smiles while visiting The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show in 2019
Jungkook of BTS | Steve Ferdman/Getty Images for Elvis Duran

What BTS fans know about Jungkook’s mixtape

On Feb. 27, BTS’ “BE-hind Story” was streamed on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel. During the behind-the-scenes video, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook interviewed each other about making their album BE. J-Hope interviewed Jungkook, and he asked the singer about his solo music plans.

“There are three main tracks in total and they all have music video of its own,” Jungkook said of his mixtape. “And they each have its own choreography but in different styles.”

On July 26, Weverse Magazine published an interview with Jungkook. In the interview, Jungkook discussed BTS’ massive success with songs like “Butter” and “Dynamite.” The singer also brought up his mixtape.

At first, Jungkook joked about his mixtape, saying, “I, well, I really need to hurry up and make a mixtape, first of all.”

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Jungkook changed the concept of his mixtape

After joking about the mixtape, Jungkook delved into his creative process. The singer explained how much work he is putting into creating his solo songs, and he revealed that he changed the mixtape’s entire concept.

Jungkook admitted to Weverse Magazine that he changed his process with making the mixtape, saying:

“I was working on it just before I came. But it’s hard! (laughs) I could just make it about myself, and then it would be like, I started as a trainee when I was 13, I worked hard, and found success. But anyone could do that. So I keep thinking I want to make up my own original, complex story and write the songs from there. Billie Eilish’s debut album left a big mark on me when it came out, in that respect. And it’d be nice to have a cohesive flow to the tracklist, but even if it’s all jumbled up, that’s fine, too, as long the good songs keep on coming. That’s sort of what I’m thinking. So these days, rather than focusing on the album’s story as a whole, I’m just going to write whatever it is I want to say in each song. If I get that feeling right after listening to a track, I’ll try and make it. And I’m going to try to make it a little bit light-hearted.”

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It might take the BTS singer some time to finish the mixtape

For fans hoping that Jungkook’s mixtape could drop any day, the BTS singer confirmed to Weverse Magazine that he is still working on the project. Jungkook is also content if the mixtape takes longer to finish.

“It’s fine if it takes a really long time—it’s just hard to work on it in pieces,” he said. “I mean, if I stay up late working away at it, it’s hard to get through the next day. (laughs) I stayed up all night again last night and slept between appointments today, but I’m still going to keep working like this today and then go work on my mixtape again anyway. I’ll do my best to release it as soon as possible. I want to write and record a lot of material.”

Given the anticipation surrounding Jungkook’s mixtape, it is clear that fans will wait for as long as it takes.