Are BTS McDonald’s Bags Still Worth Money?

McDonald’s has officially discontinued the 2021 BTS Meal. Still, the products that accompanied this menu item are available for purchase via resale websites like eBay. 

In fact, the BTS Meal paper bags are still sold online, including some used and “greasy” containers worth over $200.

McDonald's BTS meal is seen in Seoul, South Korea
McDonald’s BTS meal is seen in Seoul, South Korea | Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

McDonald’s released ‘The BTS Meal’ in May 2021

From Louis Vuitton to Samsung, BTS often partners with large brands. In 2021, that meant a collaboration with the fast-food chain McDonald’s. As one of the largest chain restaurants, this K-pop group brought the “BTS Meal” to fans across the globe.

The specifics of this meal varied based on location, but generally speaking, the BTS McDonald’s meal was the same for ARMYs regardless of geographical location. This meal included 10 or 9-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, a medium drink, and two dipping sauces. 

Those sauces, Sweet Chili and Cajun, were new to customers in the United States and came with pink and purple packaging. This collaboration came with exclusively pictures and videos, including the Behind the Sauce: Making of Film, posted to YouTube during June. 

McDonald’s employees wore BTS-inspired uniforms. There were also BTS x McDonald’s bags that came with the meal, with ARMYs transforming them into phone cases and wall art. 

As a result, fans were selling these containers (and some packaging available in select countries) on platforms like eBay, some going for hundreds of dollars. 

Fans can buy the BTS Meal bags via eBay 

In the United States, BTS-specific Chicken McNugget containers and cups were not available. The McDonald’s bags, dotted with the BTS logo and purple hues, did come with meals at select locations. 

Even weeks after McDonald’s discontinued the BTS Meal, the paper bags are still available for purchase on platforms like eBay. Some fans sell them for as little as $0.99, while others sell used bags for as much as $200.

The sauces, available exclusively with the BTS Meal, are also available for resale via eBay, with some fans selling cases of flavors like Sweet Chili and Cajun. As a limited-time offer, these sauces are fairly rare and can cost about $20 for a set. 

BTS x McDonald’s merchandise is still available for purchase

In addition to the two new sauces, BTS released original merchandise in conjunction with their McDonald’s partnership. Thanks to a fictitious phone call between Jin and the fast-food company, these products even came with photocards.

These t-shirts, bags, and crewnecks were only sold through the Weverse Shop as a limited-time offer. Later, the K-pop group created the BTS X McDonald’s Collaboration Merch: Melting Collection sold exclusively through this website. 

However, some “Crew T-Shirts,” worn by the actual McDonald’s employees while the BTS Meal was sold, are available through eBay. As of August 2021, prices ranging from $7.99 to $99.95, depending on the seller.

“Butter,” BTS’ single released just days prior to the BTS Meal, is currently available on most major music streaming platforms, including Spotify.

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