Which BTS Member Has the Most Tattoos?

Not all of the BTS members have tattoos and piercings. However, one idol in this K-pop group takes the cake when it comes to body art. Here’s what we know about this boy band and which members have tattoos. 

V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope of the K-Pop Group BTS
V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope of the K-Pop Group BTS | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images for ESB

The BTS members are known for their bold fashion choices

The BTS members are known for their chart-topping and record-breaking songs. That includes their Grammy-nominated single “Dynamite.” These artists are also known for their fashion and bold hairstyles. Some of the members even have tattoos.

Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS, earning his “Golden Maknae” nickname from fans. The artist is also known for his unique fashion sense, as well as his many tattoos. The artist has wanted body art for a while and eventually made some permanent.

“I saw the lady having a tattoo on the neck,” Jungkook said, according to Stylecaster. “I want one too.”

Suga shared his initial disapproval of Jungkook’s wish but, eventually, Jungkook became the member with the most body art, added several tattoos since his debut with BTS. 

Jungkook is one BTS member with the most tattoos 

In 2021, Jungkook’s tattoos include his “sleeve,” comprised of a flower, an eye, and a skeleton hand making the “rock and roll” sign. There’s also his finger tattoos, which feature the letters of the BTS members’ names, together spelling “ARMY.”

Jungkook is also the BTS member with the most piercings, most of which are on his ears. Recently, the artist confirmed that his eyebrow piercing, which made an appearance in several BTS-related videos, is real. 

The only other BTS member with body art is Jimin, who has “Nevermind” tattooed on his right side. Some speculate that the idol added other tattoos over the years, but if these do exist permanently, they are mostly hidden from fans.

Some BTS members don’t have any tattoos or piercings

All of the BTS members dye their hair. Some even wear makeup for music videos and performances. However, J-Hope, one of BTS’ rappers and dancers, does not have any piercings. 

Most BTS members, though, do not have any tattoos. That includes Jin, J-Hope, RM, and V. For the “Daechwita” music video, Suga sported a cosmetic scar across his eye. As of 2021, the rapper does not have any tattoos. 

​​“When I was young, I really wanted to have one,” Suga said in a 2016 interview with Grazia Magazine, according to Stylecaster. “But when I turned 20, the idea all disappeared. Pharrell Williams is erasing his tattoo. He said he doesn’t know why he got the tattoos.” 

“There is something I want to do in the future,” he continued. “I want to do some charity work, but tattoos could be seen negatively, so I am holding myself back.” As for the tattoo he wants, Suga said he wants a “dot on a toe so nobody can see it.”

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