BTS: Suga Originally Wanted to Collaborate With T.I. on ‘D-2’

Suga released his second mixtape, D-2, on May 22. Like his first mixtape from 2016, he released the mixtape under the pseudonym Agust D to differentiate it from his work as Suga in BTS. The mixtape featured collaborations from RM of BTS, Kim Jong-wan, MAX, and Niihwa. Recently, Suga revealed that he hoped to collaborate with rapper T.I. on D-2, but it ended up not working out.

BTS Suga
Suga of BTS | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

BTS on their new album

On Sept. 14, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook appeared on the radio show “Bae Chul Soo’s Music Camp.” On the radio show, the BTS members discussed the success of their single “Dynamite” and their upcoming album.

“It’s coming out this year. There’s not much time left,” Suga said about the group’s future album according to Soompi.

“We’re almost done working on it. I think it will come out around the end of the year.” Jimin added. “This is exclusive information but the music’s a bit better than ‘Dynamite.'”

V then jokingly spoiled, “To give a surprising spoiler, the songs are about three to four minutes long.”

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Suga wanted to collaborate with T.I.

During the MBC FM4U radio show, BTS were also asked about their musical influences. Suga said that Epik High and T.I. were two of his.

“I was originally going to do a remix with T.I. for my mixtape, but it didn’t work out,” Suga said.

Jin then said the BTS members were his biggest influence.

“The people who’ve really been a big influence on me are the members of BTS. It was thanks to them that I started doing music and was able to write songs too,” he said. “Also, since they’re the ones who are most often singing by my side, they’ve been the biggest influence on me.”

What MAX thought about working with BTS’ Suga

While Suga ended up not collaborating with T.I. on D-2, he did collaborate with MAX on the song “Burn It.” The two also collaborated on “Blueberry Eyes” from MAX’s album Colour Vision. In an interview with Buzzfeed, MAX detailed what it was like to collaborate on “Blueberry Eyes” with Suga.

“I just sent him the whole album. I basically said, ‘Here’s all the songs, you tell me what you want to be on, and I’ll make it work. I’m grateful to have you on any song.’ And he liked ‘Blueberry Eyes.’ I’d already written the song, so I think that probably helped the message, because it was very clear that there was a sweet, loving, dream world to it,'” he told Buzzfeed.

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He also said that working with Suga helped him learn that music transcends language.

“… with Suga… Having language not be a hindrance, because you’re coming from the same emotive place. Going to Korea — that whole trip changed my life. It made me realise which songs people connect with, not necessarily because of the specific lyrics, but because of what’s behind it,” MAX said. “That transcends language. That collaboration taught me so much, and that was so special.”