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BTS members shared their love for ARMYs during the American Music Awards. Unfortunately, V didn’t say all that he rehearsed. As a result, V gave an unofficial acceptance speech backstage — performed entirely in English. 

BTS earned the Artist of the Year award at the American Music Awards 

V, Suga Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope of BTS at the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs)
V, Suga Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope of BTS at the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs) | ABC via Getty Images

BTS is the world’s biggest boy band, recently receiving recognition at the AMAs. In addition to performing songs “My Universe” and “Butter,” the K-pop group won several awards. 

The 2021 American Music Awards marks the third consecutive year this K-pop group snagged the Favorite Pop Duo or Group award. They earned the Favorite Pop Song award for “Butter.” Most notably, BTS snagged the American Music Award for Artist of the Year, becoming the first Asian act in history to do so.

“Thank you, AMAs. We’re truly honored to be on this stage with such amazing, tremendous artists right over here. We’re so honored…,” RM said during his acceptance speech. “Four years ago, we gave this first-time-ever TV live performance at this stage, AMAs, it was ‘DNA,’ and we were too excited and nervous at the time.” 

“And it’s been a long and amazing ride since then,” he continued. “But nobody could have ever bet on the odds of us standing here receiving this award. Except you all, ARMY…”

V gave his unofficial ‘Artist of the Year’ acceptance speech backstage at the American Music Awards

During one Bangtan Bomb, fans got a behind-the-scenes look at BTS’ 2021 American Music Awards experience. That included plenty of rehearsing from V, who practiced what he would say in English — both on the red carpet and if the K-pop group won an award. 

Of course, they received every award they were nominated for. Unfortunately for V, RM and Jungkook took most of the spotlight during their Artist of the Year acceptance speech.

After accepting Artist of the Year, the BTS members scurried backstage to prepare for their “Butter” performance. While some members quickly thanked the Bangtan Bomb camera, V had a lot of things he still wanted to say, shouting “more than an award” on his way to the green room.

“I just kept on, seriously — Suddenly Namjoon says, ‘you finish it off,’” V said while pointing to someone else, imitating RM. “What about me!”

RM said that he was running out of time while accepting the award. To make up for it, RM and other BTS members encouraged V to give his speech backstage. The singer then turned to the camera and began his solo acceptance speech.  

“I am deeply touched by this award,” V said in English. “I appreciate our ARMY right behind us, thank you. We love you. Thank you, AMAs. Thank you, ARMY.”


BTS Sweep the 2021 American Music Awards and Win Artist of the Year for the 1st Time

Does BTS’ V speak English?

V does speak and understand English well. However, this artist is known for rehearsing his interview moments. Before the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, V sat backstage repeating the English phrases, “every moment is a precious memory. We’re so happy we can be a part of this with our fans.” 

As the leader and unofficial spokesperson for BTS, RM typically answers questions on behalf of this K-pop group when overseas. (The rapper is fluent in English, crediting his skills to watching the sitcom Friends.)