BTS: V Released a Snippet of an Original Song on Instagram

It’s no secret that V of BTS loves to tease fans with his solo music. The BTS member frequently posts short snippets of original songs he is working on for ARMY to listen to on social media. On Jan. 25, V shared a short clip of an original song on Instagram for BTS fans to enjoy.

V of BTS holds up the peace sign at the band's press conference for the release of the album 'BE'
V of BTS | The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

V of BTS released part of a song on Instagram

While Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are currently taking a well-deserved vacation, the BTS members have been active on social media.

V has been particularly active, and he frequently posts videos and stories of his day-to-day life. On Jan. 25, the BTS singer shared a snippet of a song on his Instagram account.

The video is 43 seconds long and features a black screen with audio of V singing. Soft piano notes can be heard at the start of the audio clip before V’s notable tranquil voice chimes in.

“I see you smile, I smile too / I see you cry, I’m crying too,” V sings in the Instagram clip. “Since you’re not here, I’ve lost my only light / I’m all by myself, nine feet under.”

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What BTS fans think of V’s song

After V posted a recording of the unreleased song on Instagram, ARMY shared their thoughts about the song snippet on social media.

“ANOTHER SOLO TEASE VKSHWGSLAKSMA,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “This sounds like the definition of ethereal… there is something so delicate, vulnerable and beautiful about the melody against the piano… Just 40 seconds and still made my heart ache. Tae’s voice sounds heavenly, almost angelic, really pulls at your heart strings!”

“Oh gosh, his beautiful voice and those lyrics what a precious little gift he’s giving us every time he drops something like this. So, so lovely,” a Reddit user wrote.

“WHY IS THIS SO PRETTY when he goes up high on ‘all by myself’ it’s so PRETTY KIM TAEHYUNG GIVE US THE MIXTAPE ALREADY YOU TEAS,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

One Reddit user wrote, “waiting for this mixtape has been worse than waiting for new Rihanna music SIR please just give it to us.”

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The singer has previously discussed releasing a mixtape

Throughout his career, V has released multiple solo songs. The BTS singer released “Sweet Night” as part of the Itaewon Class: Original Soundtrack and the song “Christmas Tree” on the original soundtrack for Our Beloved Summer. On BTS’ SoundCloud account, V has released songs including “Winter Bear” and “Snow Flower (feat. Peakboy).”

Over the past few years, V has also expressed his interest in releasing a solo mixtape. While V frequently teases solo songs he has written on social media, his highly-anticipated mixtape has not received an official release date.

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