BTS: V Releases a New Solo Song Titled ‘Snow Flower’ as Fans Await His Mixtape

It has been a busy few days for the members of BTS and ARMY. Just hours after Jimin released his solo track “Christmas Love” on Dec. 24, V of BTS released a song called “Snow Flower” at midnight KST on Dec. 25.

BTS fans knew V planned to release something on Dec. 25 but did not know if the singer planned to release a Christmas song, a single from his upcoming mixtape, or his entire mixtape. It turns out that the release in question was a perfectly-timed holiday song.

V of BTS | The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

V released a new song on Dec. 25

Before releasing “Snow Flower,” V posted a hint on Weverse that he planned to release something at midnight KST on Dec. 25. Fans began speculating the hint could have something to do with V’s upcoming mixtape, as V has been sharing snippets of it over the past several months.

Following through on his hint, V released “Snow Flower” featuring his friend Peakboy. The song was written and produced by V and Peakboy and is about how snow can help improve the mood of the holiday season by bringing cheery warmth to the cold months.

V released the song to cheer up BTS fans

On BTS’ blog, V wrote a special note for BTS fans and explained why he decided to release the song. The singer explained that he feels more people are struggling with anxiety and depression this year, and he wanted to try and alleviate that for fans if possible.

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“Since my mixtape has been delayed, I felt apologetic to ARMY, so I hurriedly created this song,” V wrote on the blog according to Soompi. “I think that many people must feel like time stopped this year, and I also think that there must be many people who feel more anxious and depressed the closer they get to the end of the year. I hope that for today at least, white flowers will fall in your heart and all of you will feel at least a little warmth and happiness.”

BTS fans love V’s new song

As soon as V released “Snow Flower,” ARMY could not get enough of the song. With the lyrics, production, V’s voice, and Peakboy’s inclusion, the song proved to be a hit with fans.

“Taehyung’s music is so chill. He’s really getting better and better with his solo work. His songs all have such good melodies. His voice has that deep but sensual quality like he’s almost whispering to get you to come closer and listen more carefully,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

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“This is such a perfect Christmas song. I love the RnB vibes in it, the guitar strums on the off beat. Those sudden thick harmonies in between Peakboy lines. Taehyung voice is a smokey whiskey, with cherry notes in it. And I must say Peakboy’s verse is just perfections. What a song,” wrote a Reddit user.

“Ahhh, Tae. He has the richest vocal timbre, perfect for Christmas tunes like this. I love the song, and Peakboy’s feature on this is amazing! Gonna hum along to this all day,” wrote a fan on Reddit.

What this means for V’s mixtape

Right now, BTS fans have no idea when V’s mixtape will be released. However, fans know to expect the unexpected when it comes to the members releasing solo music.

In his note to fans, V mentioned the release of his mixtape is currently delayed. With V’s birthday approaching, some fans suspect it could be released on Dec. 30, but only time will tell. Until then, ARMY has “Snow Flower” to enjoy.