BTS’s RM Has a Stunningly Relatable Skin Concern

BTS is a world-renowned K-pop group with a massive, passionate fanbase. The group originated in South Korea and over the years, has influenced the way that America views the K-pop genre. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered their plans to tour this year, the group has remained active on social media, interacting with their fans and sharing news and information about upcoming projects. Fans love the members of BTS for their relatability, and in 2017, the group opened up about something that many of their fans also struggle with — acne and skin irritation. 

BTS is the world’s biggest K-pop band

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BTS first formed in 2010 and spent the first several years refining their style, getting to know each other, and practicing their craft. Like most K-pop stars, the members of BTS went through an intense training regimen, including singing, dancing, and acting lessons.

They also worked with stylists to coordinate the best “look” for each member of the group. By 2013, BTS was touring and earning fans wherever they went.

Not long after that, they began growing in popularity in the United States. Their American fans proved to be especially passionate, and within a couple of years, the K-pop craze was sweeping the United States.

BTS was at the forefront, appearing on Saturday Night Live, performing at the American Music Awards, and earning acclaim from critics everywhere. These days, BTS remains hugely popular, even after 10 years together.

Unlike many other boy bands, all seven members of BTS have proven that they are committed to keeping the band together. 

RM is the leader of BTS

RM of BTS performs in 2019.
RM of BTS performs in 2019. | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

There are seven members in BTS: Suga, Jin, RM, Jungkook, V, J-Hope, and Jimin. Each member is unique and known to fans for something interesting, even if they all work together to make BTS the best that it can be.

Still, one member has proven to be the group’s “front man” of sorts, and that is RM. According to K-pop fans, there is usually one designated “leader” in every established K-pop group, the leader is the one responsible for keeping the group together and helping them navigate through each phase of their respective careers.

RM is an immensely talented musician, well known to fans for his skills as a rapper. He also writes music and is responsible for many of the best “hooks” In BTS songs. He often works one on one with other top musicians and has been earning acclaim as a top-notch collaborative artist.

In addition to his skills as a musician, however, there is another reason that RM is the group’s leader. He speaks English fluently and is the spokesman for the group in interviews or talk show appearances. 

RM’s skin concerns

In a 2017 interview, RM took the lead once more, opening up about his skin concerns. As it turns out, RM has many of the same skin issues as other young people all over the world. As he admitted in the interview, “my skin is dry most of the time, and my biggest concern is keeping it moisturized. I get zits from time to time and that concerns me as well.”

He also said that he considers a good skincare routine to be a form of self-care and that he loves applying a sheet mask after a grueling performance. RM even revealed his favorite skincare brand, stating that he loves Mediheal. Most fans would agree that his dedication to skincare has paid off since he is known for his smooth, glowing skin.