Buddy Valastro is Only on TV to Sell Ads and is ‘Rude and ‘Unwatchable’ According to Viewers

The Food Network is home to many celebrity chefs, from established personalities like Ina Garten and Ree Drummond to newer stars such as Molly Yeh. Fans definitely have their favorites, and regularly tune in to watch their favorite chefs create delicious-looking dishes.

Still, some celebrity chefs that have made appearances on The Food Network are somewhat more controversial. Buddy Valastro has not been involved in any major drama, but viewers have issues with him all the same, as revealed on a recent Reddit thread. 

How did Buddy Valastro get started in the culinary arts?

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Buddy Valastro was born in New Jersey in 1977. Raised by Italian-American immigrants, Valastro grew up surrounded by women, as he has four sisters.

As a child, Valastro was drawn to the kitchen, and spent many hours watching his mother and father prepare delicious meals for the family. By the time he was 11 years old, Valastro had begun working alongside his father in the family bakery, Carlo’s Bakery.

In high school, Valastro realized that he wanted to pursue a career in the culinary arts. He studied baking in school, learning elaborate techniques and tricks for making not only the most delicious cakes and pastries, but the most impressive-looking as well.

Valastro was forced to grow up quickly, as his father died when he was only 17 years old. Valastro rose to the challenge, taking over Carlo’s Bakery and earning the nickname “Cake Boss.” 

What is Buddy Valastro best known for?

Buddy Valastro | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Under Valastro’s supervision, Carlo’s Bakery became more and more popular in the New Jersey area, ultimately opening seventeen more locations, with seven in New Jersey alone. In the early 2000s, television fame came calling when the TLC network approached Valastro about starring in his own TV series based on the popularity of Carlo’s Bakery. Cake Boss premiered in 2009 and has remained in syndication ever since. 

Valastro has gone on to become a television star, appearing as a guest judge and pastry chef on a variety of other programs. He has also started an events company in recent years, capitalizing on his success as a chef and decorator.

Valastro has multiple other business ventures on tap, from a partnership with a pet treats company to an arrangement with a sweetener company. He is one of New Jersey’s greatest success stories, an entrepreneur who has managed to climb to the top through sheer tenacity and boldness. 

Viewers are getting irritated by Buddy Valastro

Although Valastro has become one of television’s hottest stars and a familiar presence over the years, many people don’t find the pastry chef particularly appealing. In a recent Reddit thread, viewers slammed Valastro as being “really condescending” and downright rude to contestants.

One poster stated that “I really wish they would stop giving him shows,” while another said: “I can’t stand Buddy. I watched about two episodes of Cake Boss when it was on TLC until I figured out he was spoiled and selfish. I don’t think his presence really brings anything to any of the food network shows I’ve seen him on.”

Multiple other fans chimed in, agreeing that they find Valastro to be rude and unpalatable. One poster took it so far as to state: “I can’t stand him. Never have. I will not watch any show he is on.”

Still, most agreed that Valastro isn’t in danger of losing any of his gigs, stating that his is a “name that sells ad time.” It seems as though Valastro might be overestimating how much viewers love him, even if he is secure in his television stardom.