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Bullet Train includes several big names in lead roles, as well as in its cameos. As a result, audiences around the world laughed and cheered at the wide variety of familiar faces that appear throughout the runtime. A convincing Bullet Train fan theory paints Channing Tatum as working for White Death.

Channing Tatum plays an uncredited passenger in ‘Bullet Train’

'Bullet Train' Michael Shannon as White Death, which involves Channing Tatum cameo. Shannon is wearing a robe with a white collared shirt underneath it and sunglasses.
Michael Shannon as White Death | Scott Garfield/Sony Pictures

Bullet Train follows an incredibly unlucky assassin named Ladybug (Brad Pitt). His mind is already on retirement, as he wants to finally rest. However, fate puts him on a new mission to collect a briefcase, which puts him on a collision course with lethal assassins from around the world. A common thread links all of their stories together on the world’s fastest train.

Tatum appears in a small uncredited role in Bullet Train listed as Train Passenger. He has a surprise interaction with Ladybug, who offers him money to wear his hat to throw Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) off of his path. However, Train Passenger humorously believes that he’s trying to pay him for sex. Meanwhile, he also flirts with Tangerine, awaiting a sexual experience on the train.

‘Bullet Train’ fan theory pits Channing Tatum as a White Death employee

A Reddit fan theory wrote about Bullet Train and what happened to Tatum before arriving at Kyoto Station. The film never returns to his character after his segment with Tangerine. However, this Reddit theory suggested that Tatum isn’t only a Bullet Train cameo. Rather, he serves the narrative purpose of reporting back to White Death (Michael Shannon) with regular updates.

The antagonist continues to keep tabs on Tangerine and Lemon’s (Brian Tyree Henry) mission. White Death set them up to fail as part of his final plan, but he seemed to have insider information that he wouldn’t know from his initial ideation phase. This would also explain how he knew his daughter, The Prince (Joey King), was onboard and wasn’t in the least bit surprised to see her there. White Death was entirely aware of the situation at the end of Bullet Train because Tatum’s character already informed him.

The Redditor wrote that Tatum disappeared before the end of Bullet Train because he exited the train when he was no longer needed. His job was to ensure that all of the assassins made it onboard before they arrived in Kyoto and make a final report before leaving.

White Death pulled all of the strings


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Bullet Train made it clear in the finale that White Death was pulling all of the strings, so it makes sense that Tatum could be involved in the master plan. The film tells a story of revenge from multiple angles. The finale leaves the plot open for potential sequels, and Tatum would certainly act as a loose end.

Ryan Reynolds also stars in a cameo as a despised assassin named Carver. He presents another potential direction for the story moving forward.