‘Buried by the Bernards’ Season 2: Will the Show Return for a Second Season?

The Netflix series Buried by the Bernards is taking a lot of heat lately after a possible snafu with someone’s ashes. Viewers who watch the reality show know the series follows the Bernards — a family living in Memphis, Tennessee, who own R. Bernard Funeral Services, a funeral home. Since February 2021, the show’s garnered a ton of attention. So, can we expect the family back for Buried by the Bernards Season 2?

Netflix brings the Bernard family’s funeral home to life with a reality series

'Buried by the Bernards' cast (L-R) Uncle Kevin, Ryan Bernard, Debbie Bernard, Deja Bernard, and Reagan Bernard
(L-R) Uncle Kevin, Ryan Bernard, Debbie Bernard, Deja Bernard, and Reagan Bernard in ‘Buried by the Bernards’ | the Bernard family/Netflix

Netflix brought the Bernards to the forefront with their reality show detailing what goes on at their funeral home — and fans love it. The Buried by the Bernards cast includes Kevin Miller, Debbie, Deja, Raegan, and Ryan Bernard, GoodHousekeeping explains. Ryan owns R. Bernard Funeral Services. Deja is Ryan’s oldest daughter and Raegan is the youngest. Debbie is the matriarch in the family who’s always keeping Ryan in check, and Kevin is the family uncle who manages the facilities.

While plenty of families own funeral homes, it was a Bernard family original idea that made them viral successes. Commercial Appeal reported in 2017 reported R. Bernard Funeral Services were the first to create a drive-thru option for their funerals. Guests would drive up to a bulletproof window to view the body at the funeral.

“Being in Memphis, we are surrounded by a lot of big-name funeral homes that have been around for 100 years, so being the new kid on the block, so to speak, I needed something unique to make me stand apart,” Ryan said at the time. “It helps out those that lack (physical) mobility, those who don’t feel like the hassle of parking cars and getting out, or those who are scared to come into a funeral home. A lot of funeral homes creep people out.”

Will there be a ‘Buried by the Bernards’ Season 2?

The first season of Netflix’s show about the Bernard family was released on Feb. 12, 2021, The Cinemaholic reports. It ran for eight episodes with each episode less than 30 minutes each. As far as Buried by the Bernards Season 2 is concerned, it doesn’t seem there’s any word about whether the family will return. As of now, the show hasn’t been renewed for another season. At this point, it seems Netflix has chosen to pursue other shows. And it sounds like the Bernards are OK with leaving their story at one season.

Oprah Daily notes both Deja and Raegan, sisters in the Buried by the Bernards cast, still work for the family funeral home, too. But they’re also pursuing other life goals. Raegan attends the University of Memphis in pursuit of a nursing degree, and Deja plans to go back to school for journalism while also getting her funeral director license.

Is ‘Buried by the Bernards’ real?

After all is said and done, the Bernards still had to make good TV with their reality series. So, is Buried by the Bernards real? Ryan assures fans the show demonstrates what his family’s real life is like.

“It definitely is a reality,” Ryan told Local 24 Memphis. “This is us. This is us every day.”

Unfortunately, the Bernards received major backlash in September 2021 after their funeral home potentially made a real-life catastrophic mistake. According to TMZ, R. Bernard Funeral Services cremated Anita Velasquez in early 2021. The family picked up the ashes in March 2021, but they allegedly noticed a different person’s name on the tag. The Velasquez family then contacted the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance over the potential mixup.

If Buried by the Bernards Season 2 really does happen, we’re sure fans want to know how this story concludes in new episodes.

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