Caelynn Miller-Keyes Opens up About Her Ethnicity and Family Heritage

Ever since Caelynn-Miller Keyes appeared on The Bachelor and one of its popular spinoffs, Bachelor in Paradise, hoards of fans have been invested in her life. While Miller-Keyes already had a bit of a platform, thanks to her beauty pageant days, that platform has only grown following her stint on reality TV. With over 1.5 million fans on Instagram alone, the former beauty queen is always fielding questions about her personal life. Eager fans want to know everything about her; from her relationship to her ethnicity, there’s no shortage of curiosity about her.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes ethnicity
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Because Miller-Keyes made it all the way to hometown dates on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, fans often have questions about her family. Miller-Keyes has shared that she mains a very close relationship with her family. She has a playful yet protective relationship with her siblings and she and her parents get along famously also. As Miller-Keyes was adopted by her stepfather and she has particularly striking looks, she has always received questions about her heritage and ethnicity.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes opens up about her ethnicity

Recently, Miller-Keyes recorded a YouTube video for fans where she answered some frequently asked questions. The former reality TV star shared that she’s constantly asked about her ethnicity but she knows very little about it. The one exception is that she’s positive that she is Native American. “I get asked all the time is what is my ethnicity,” Miller-Keyes revealed. “I have not done the 23andme but all I know that I am Native American. I think I’m like 1/16th.”

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Miller-Keyes continued on to share what she knew of her ethnicity and even revealed her Native American name to fans. “But it’s the only thing that I know. My great-great-grandpa was the chief of our tribe and the tribe name is Little Traverse Bay Band of Ottawa Indians. My Native American name is Dancing Star.”

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star is very proud of her Native American heritage

Miller-Keyes continued on to share fond memories of her time growing up and learning about her Native American heritage. She cited her grandmother for expanding her knowledge about her ethnicity. “My grandma lived on the reservation for years,” the Bachelor in Paradise alum revealed. “She’s helped us learn a lot more about her background. I remember in elementary school, she would always come when we were talking about native Americans she would always come in and teach the class so that was always really fun.”

Finally, the model added that she is very proud to be Native American. Miller-Keyes called out the resilience of Native Americans, likely referencing all the horrors they’ve had thrust upon them from genocide to having their land stolen to the Native American boarding schools. “I love that I can say that I’m Native American because Native Americans are very strong people and they’ve gone through so much and endured so much so I’m proud, very proud to be Native American,” she shared.

Will Miller-Keyes’ fans stop plying her with questions about her ethnicity on Instagram?

We’re sure fans of Miller-Keyes appreciated the opportunity to learn more about her and a part of her ethnicity. Now that she’s addressed her heritage, perhaps people will stop asking about it in her Instagram comments.