‘Call Her Daddy’: What Is Alex Cooper’s Net Worth?

Call Her Daddy is a podcast that has become remarkably popular over the past year and a half. A show that is in equal parts raunchy, hilarious, heartfelt, and empowering, Call Her Daddy reaches millions of fans worldwide.

Even after a massive public spat between the two original hosts, the podcast persists — and is still earning new listeners to this day. At the helm of the show is Alexandra Cooper, better known to fans as Alex Cooper, a self-made woman who has become quite wealthy, thanks in large part to her work on the show. 

Alexandra Cooper smiles for a photo
Call Her Daddy host Alexandra Cooper | Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images for Gotham Magazine

When did ‘Call Her Daddy’ debut?

Call Her Daddy originally launched in 2018, with hosts Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn. The show, which was under the umbrella of Barstool Sports, became popular with fans of all ages, as hosts Cooper and Franklyn dished out plenty of girl talk and sex advice.

Much of the show’s popularity can be attributed to the likability of the hosts — and there was no denying the very real friendship between Cooper and Franklyn, who first met while sharing an apartment.

In 2019, the success of Call Her Daddy increased exponentially, and the show gained thousands of listeners. By the end of the year, the show was one of the top-ranked shows on iTunes, with fans and critics raving about how the podcast helped to teach women to be sex-positive and confident in themselves. Unfortunately, the show as fans knew it was about to go through a major change, one that would alter the future of Call Her Daddy

The hosts went through a public feud

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In early 2020, Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn began a very public falling-out that would change the way that the podcast moved forward. In April 2020, the two stopped recording new episodes of the podcast, and amidst a slew of rumors, Franklyn spoke out in May.

She accused her longtime friend of going behind her back in pursuit of a better deal, all while they were in the midst of contract negotiations with Barstool Sports.

“I found out that Alex had gone behind my back and done something. And I found out it wasn’t the first time. And that’s why we’re here. I trusted Alex. I feel betrayed,” Franklyn said in her Instagram stories, according to the New York Post.

Franklyn didn’t provide any details of the wrongdoing, but claimed that she was still willing to host the podcast — just not under Cooper’s conditions. Ultimately, the two were not able to come to an agreement, and they went their separate ways. Franklyn launched her own podcast, titled “Sofia with an F,” while Cooper soldiered on with Call Her Daddy

What is Alex Cooper’s net worth?

These days, Alex Cooper continues to host new episodes of the Call Her Daddy podcast. While she welcomes occasional guests to the show (including stars like Miley Cyrus) she has not yet announced a new co-host.

Cooper focuses the majority of her time on the podcast, but she also works as a social media influencer and marketing expert. Through all of her business ventures, Cooper has become quite successful, and according to Celebrity Net Worth, her net worth is around $300 thousand. 

She might occasionally cause controversy, but for thousands of fans, Alex Cooper is a force for good, helping many women get over their hangups in the bedroom in order to become more confident versions of themselves. It seems likely that she will continue to work in the entertainment space for years to come.