Camilla Parker Bowles Is ‘Avoiding’ Certain ‘Body Language Upgrades’ — Expert


  • Camilla Parker Bowles appears to be “avoiding” making “upgrades” to her body language, according to a body language expert.  
  • Camilla Parker Bowles is, per an expert, “very unlikely” to change her gestures due to taking on the queen consort role later in life.
  • A body language expert says Camilla Parker Bowles may have to learn the “royal smile.” 

An expert says Camilla Parker Bowles seems to be “avoiding” making “upgrades” to her body language. Ahead, a body language expert explains why Camilla’s mannerisms and gestures probably aren’t going to change. Plus, what signature royal family move she might have to learn. 

Camilla Parker Bowles’ body language is ‘unlikely’ to change save for the ‘most formal’ occasions

Body language expert Judi James doesn’t expect Camilla’s body language to change much. As she told Express, it has to do with Camilla becoming queen consort — something Queen Elizabeth II called a “sincere wish” of hers — later in life. 

“By entering her role as Queen in her 70s, Camilla is very unlikely to modify or change her current body language states,” James said. 

Camilla turned 75 on July 17. She sat down for a wide-ranging interview to mark the occasion. Camilla also had Kate Middleton take her photo for the cover of a magazine

However, that isn’t to say Camilla’s body language won’t shift slightly from time to time. James noted the queen consort’s body language will likely look different during her “most formal appearances,” such as King Charles III’s coronation.

The queen consort appears to be ‘avoiding’ making ‘body language upgrades,’ signals suggest she’s focused on King Charles

As of late, “There are certain body language upgrades that Camilla seems to be avoiding,” James continued. She doesn’t make a point casting her eyes outward, “scoping her gaze and her gestures out to communicate directly with the public.” 

Instead, the queen consort seems to be concerned with King Charles. “Her body language signals still suggest a focus on her husband’s needs and wants in terms of support,” James said. 

It’s also important to note Camilla herself has admitted to feeling uncomfortable in the spotlight. She once said she’s felt “seriously sick” due to her fear of public speaking.

Camilla Parker Bowles may have to change her smile, body language expert says

King Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, who is according to a body language expert avoiding certain 'body language upgrades' look on
King Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles | Henry Nicholls – WPA Pool/Getty Images

According to James, the queen consort may have to adjust the smile she wears in public. Currently, she has what the expert calls a “very warm eye-smile” coupled with a “complex” mouth smile.

While Camilla’s eye-smile is one of her “winning techniques,” according to James, she may have to alter her mouth smile.

“The lips are often pulled down at the corner and there is puckering to suggest a sense of modesty as well as a sense of humour [sic],” James explained. “This creates a friendly smile but not the kind of professional ‘perfect’ smile that royal women tend to use.”

Camilla may have to trade her current smile for what James referred to as the “traditional royal smile.” 

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