Camilla Parker Bowles Was Reportedly Left ‘Fuming’ at the Thought She Would Never Be Queen

Camilla Parker Bowles was once viewed by the British public as the “other” woman. The one who broke up the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. But over the past three decades, her public persona has drastically changed. She’s now a senior member of the royal family with a favorable reputation and the wife of the future king.

But according to one unearthed claim, Camilla was once left “fuming” at the thought she would never be queen.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles – the future King and Queen Consort -- attend a State Banquet at Buckingham Palace on day 1 of the Spanish State Visit on July 12, 2017 in London, England
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

What will Camilla Parker Bowles’ title be when Prince Charles becomes king?

Ever since Camilla joined the royal family in 2005, there have been questions about what her title will be when Charles becomes king. When The Guardian announced the couple’s engagement, Buckingham Palace said in a statement that she would be known as princess consort — not queen — when Charles accedes the throne.

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This would be similar to the title that the late Prince Philip took when Elizabeth became queen in 1952. He was never known as king consort. Instead, he was the prince consort to avoid outranking Her Majesty’s position. Despite being a sovereign, the queen’s title is traditionally considered lower in rank than a king, royal reporter Mikhaila Friel explained on Insider.

The title of the queen can be symbolic

When a king is on the throne, the title of a queen can be symbolic. Instead of meaning “female monarch,” the title of queen can also mean “wife of the monarch.” However, as Mental Floss explains, the title of king is only used to describe a reigning monarch.

Parliamentary law doesn’t consider gender when determining the line of succession. However, it is a factor when it comes to the designation of titles. The word “consort” in a royal title basically means you got it through marriage. What’s more, a wife generally assumes the female form of her husband’s title.

However, husbands don’t automatically match their wives’ titles. Especially when it comes to reigning monarchs.

Camilla Parker Bowles was left “fuming” at the thought of not being queen

Queen Elizabeth is 95 years old and has been on the throne for nearly 70 years. The British public knows her reign will come to an end sooner rather than later. But the majority of UK citizens would rather have Prince William become the next monarch instead of Prince Charles, according to a new poll.

This also happened back in 2017, and a royal source claimed at the time that Camilla was not happy at the thought of Charles giving up his birthright.

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“She’s fuming and has told him it was his destiny to be on the throne,” the insider claimed. “Camilla is livid that William could potentially take the throne – and she’s pointing the finger of blame firmly on poor Kate.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has pretty much sidelined older members of the royal family for the past 18 months. There’s also been a major vacuum in the world of senior working royals since Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex stepped down and Prince Philip passed away.

All of this has put Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge front and center in the royal family. And the couple is more popular than ever. The latest YouGov poll conducted in late August found that William and Kate are the second and third most popular members of the royal family. The only person ahead of them was Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are both in the top 10

Out of the nearly 2,000 adults surveyed, 72 percent had a positive view of the Duke of Cambridge. While 64 percent were fans of Kate. Charles came in seventh place, with 45 percent of participants having a favorable view. While Camilla rounded out the top 10.

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But just because William and Kate are more popular in polls, that doesn’t mean Charles will be skipped in the line of succession. He’s been waiting for almost seven decades to sit on the throne. When the time comes, Charles will become king and Camilla will be the princess consort. William and Kate will have to wait their turn.