Camille Got Fired on ‘Below Deck’ – Which Crew Member Still Has Her Back? [Exclusive]

Camille Lamb was fired on Below Deck, but that doesn’t mean she left the boat without support from at least one close friend she made on the show.

Deckhand Katie Glaser told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that she enjoyed sharing a bunk with Camille and they are still close friends to this day. “Camille and me, it was awesome,” Katie said. “The second she walked in, I was already in our room and she walked in and we immediately clicked.”

Katie and Camille are still friends after ‘Below Deck’

Hours before Captain Sandy Yawn fired Camille on Below Deck, she partied hard in her shared bunk with Katie. Katie said they had a blast on the boat and have continued the party to this day.

Katie Glaser and Camille Lamb 'Below Deck' cast photos
Katie Glaser and Camille Lamb |Laurent Bassett/Bravo via Getty Images

The crew members clicked, “From two seconds of her walking in, which was awesome,” Katie recalled. “I definitely consider her my best friend throughout the whole season. And we still have that strong bond in South Florida, she lives like five minutes away from me. So, we definitely have that really fun vibe throughout the whole thing and still today.”

Despite being exasperated with Camille, chief stew Fraser Olender also said he liked her – but didn’t like working with her.

Katie Glaser was Camille Lamb’s favorite female on the ‘Below Deck’ boat

Camille told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that the main reason why she and Katie got along so well is that they are both big personalities who remained authentic.

“I live in Fort Lauderdale right now. Katie lives down the road from me and she has been such a great friend to me, like after the show,” Camille said. “She’s a very, very nice person. And we get along in the sense that we are big, big personalities.”

“As chill as she may seem, she is herself and herself always. And I’m that way,” she added. “And so there was no competition between us because she is who she is and I am what I am. I’m not trying to be her and she’s not trying to be me. So, yeah, she’s one of my really good friends.”

“She’s definitely, female-wise the one I bonded to the most on the boat,” she said.

Camille was ‘smitten’ with Ben on ‘Below Deck’ but Katie’s boatmance was out to sea

While Camille and Katie found common ground in their friendship, they had different experiences with their Below Deck boatmances. Before Camille was fired on Below Deck, she leaned on deckhand Ben Willoughby for support.

Ben admitted he fell for Camille. She was a little more realistic about the boatmance, but told Showbiz Cheat Sheet she was definitely “smitten” with him. “You’re out in the middle of the ocean and that’s the only person you see all the time,” she said about her boatmance. “They start to look really good after the fifth or sixth day.”


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Contrary to Camille’s boatmance experience, Katie said her boatmance with bosun Ross McHarg was not a highlight for her this season of Below Deck.

“I think my least favorite [part of the season] would be me having a boat romance with Ross,” she admitted. “I think my hardest thing was dealing with Alissa [Humber] … Ross and Alissa. Not that she’s a terrible person. But when it comes to boat romances, I’m worried about myself and she tries to take him from me.”

Now that Camille Lamb was fired from Below Deck, Katie is flying solo in her bunk … for now. So does she bond with a new crew member and what happens with Ross?

Stay tuned. Below Deck is on Monday at 8 pm ET on Bravo.