‘Candy’ on Hulu: Why the Creators Kept Justin Timberlake’s Appearance a Secret in Episode 4 [Exclusive]

Candy on Hulu with Jessica Biel premiered on May 9, but suddenly her husband, Justin Timberlake, appeared in episode 4. The entire cast and crew kept his role a secret in the true crime drama. However, he’s such a massive star that it’s shocking Hulu and the Candy creators didn’t advertise his appearance in the true story of Candy Montgomery.

Justin Timberlake appears in ‘Candy’ on Hulu Episode 4

Candy Episode 4 shocks fans with a surprise appearance from Justin Timberlake around minute 7:00. A deputy gets a phone call in a dark room and slowly gets out of bed. Viewers don’t see that the person is Timberlake until he goes through his clothes in the closet. Then he looks straight at the camera, but he’s still not recognizable as the NSYNC pop icon fans all love. He has a dark mustache and an 80s haircut. 

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake pose for photographers at the 'Candy' premiere
‘Candy’: Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake | Emma McIntyre/WireImage

In the next scene, he emerges from a police car as Deputy Steve Deffibaugh. He has a Southern drawl, and his hair is combed, but the sideburns are apparent. He begins taking photos at the crime scene to determine what happened to Betty Gore (Melanie Lynskey). 

“Dang it, Dave,” Timberlake says as Deputy Deffibaugh. “Now look, I know you got the best of intentions. You don’t go pickin’ stuff up from a crime scene. Go on and put it back just where you found it. Show me.”

‘Candy’ creators kept Justin Timberlake’s guest role a secret for ‘fun’

In an exclusive interview with one of the Candy creators, Nick Antosca revealed why the producers chose to keep Justin Timberlake a secret from viewers.

“It was a mutual decision,” Antosca explained. “That was something that came about by luck and chance. And we all had a quick conversation about how cool this would be and how perfect it would be. It just seemed like a fun element to introduce.”

Antosca also added that Timberlake made the entire filming experience even more enjoyable.  

“He’s amazing, and everyone loves him,” the Candy creator said of Timberlake. “It’s that simple. Everybody is excited when he’s on set. He is incredibly professional. He’s an incredibly good actor, and he has a magnetism that lights up the set.”

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The ‘Candy’ cast on Hulu knew from day one that Timberlake was in the cast

In an exclusive interview with the actor who plays Pat Montgomery, Timothy Simons revealed that the entire Hulu Candy cast knew Justin Timberlake was part of the project. He was shocked that the secret did not leak early.

“I’m pretty happy about the fact that they’ve been able to keep it quiet because usually, that stuff leaks pretty fast,” Simons explained. “So I’m excited about that.” 

Simons also agreed that Timberlake and Biel are wonderful to work with on set.

Honestly, Jesse’s incredible to work with, and Justin was also great,” Simons added. “We had one scene together that ended up getting written out. So it was a bit disappointing, but I did get to be on set with him, and he’s awesome. He’s a great guy. It’s really fun. It was really fun to have him on set. And also, what an incredibly talented family they are.

Justin Timberlake appears again in Candy on Hulu Episode 5, which airs at 9 p.m. PT on May 13, 2022, on Hulu.

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