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Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck said he can’t name a single crew member who would be a romantic match for former chief stew Kate Chastain.

Captain Lee Rosbach, Eddie Lucas, Kat Held, Kate Chastain, Kelley Johnson, Ben Robinson, Amy Johnson
Captain Lee Rosbach, Eddie Lucas, Kat Held, Kate Chastain, Kelley Johnson, Ben Robinson, Amy Johnson | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

While he and bosun Eddie Lucas said she’d “shred” any potential suitors, she really went on the show to meet Lucas. “Fun fact, Eddie was the reason I wanted to get on the show,” Chastain said during a Stars Marketing Event in 2019. “He looked like a Kennedy.”

“He’s like a New England Kennedy,” Chastain added. “But then I got there, and he’s shorter than me! But then, on Watch What Happens [Live] he had a beard and he’s looking real good.”

Rosbach was also at the event, so Chastain turned to him and asked, “Can you hire him back, please? I think Eddie’d be a great bosun!” Fans didn’t know at this point that Lucas was going to return.

No crew member is a match for Kate Chastain

Rosbach was recently asked which crew member would be the perfect match for Chastain. “Wow,” Rosbach said looking stumped in a Bravo digital original. “I can’t think of one. The term that comes to my mind … shred.”

“She would shred them,” he said nodding. That’s when Lucas piped in while laughing, “Not Ashton [Pienaar]?” Rosbach looked pained at the thought of Pienaar.

“She already shredded him,” he said. Pienaar drunkenly kissed Chastain a few times last season. She was not receptive to his advances and he became frustrated one night and violently lashed out at her.

Kate Chastain wouldn’t date them but admitted last season’s cast was the most attractive

There’s no love lost for Chastain with any of the men on the boat from season 7. But she admitted the deck team was pretty hot. “I think we have the most attractive deck crew I’ve ever worked with,” she said to Tanner Sterback and Brian de Saint Pern. “If it weren’t unprofessional, I would bang both of you.” 

Ashton Pienaar, Tanner Sterback
Ashton Pienaar, Tanner Sterback|Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Sterback teased about wanting to hook up with Chastain. While she strung him along, she was almost open to a hook up but offered Sterback a very small window. Unfortunately, he was drunk and passed out. He only ended up with a quick peck.

Kate Chastain did hook up with one crew member

Chastain actually did hook up with one former crew member. She appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last summer and played “Would you Screw the Crew?” That’s when she let it slip that she and chef Ben Robinson were romantic at one point.  “Not again,” Chastain said. Adding later, “And my favorite is probably Ben. And that might be because we had sex.”

But the past is in the past for Chastain and Robinson. She revealed that he came by her home in Florida this summer and introduced her to his new girlfriend. “He’s like, ‘Hey, babe, coincidentally someone in your town hired me for a private chef gig, so I guess I’m going to come visit you. I’m bringing my girlfriend, and do you mind if we bring her dog?” she told Bravo’s The Daily Dish.

Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain, Ben Robinson
Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain, Ben Robinson | Ralph Bavaro/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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“They were lovely, and it was so much fun, and it was so good to see them,” she added. “I actually love his girlfriend. Probably more than him. She’s gorgeous, she’s hilarious, she’s patient with him, which is a good match for him.”