Captain Lee From ‘Below Deck’ Marks a Somber Anniversary

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck marked the one year anniversary of his son Joshua’s death with a commemorative ring for wife Mary Anne.

The couple’s son died at age 42 on July 22 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. At the time Rosbach shared a beautiful tribute video that chronicled his son’s life and love of the ocean. Rosbach remembered his son as being a “gentle and kind soul.” He was “loved by everyone he came into contact with and never met a stranger.”

Captain Lee Rosbach from 'Below Deck'
Captain Lee Rosbach |Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Now one year later, Rosbach had a special ring made for his wife that includes some of their son’s ashes. “This what we have done in remembrance of our precious son Joshua, who left us one year ago today,” Rosbach shared on Instagram along with a video of the ring.

“We took my brides wedding ring, had the center diamond replaced with a heart with some of Josh’s ashes placed inside the heart and his name inscribed on the outside and then soldered shut. This way Mary Anne can keep a part of him with her always. Thanks Mark at VanMarks Jewelry for being so creative and understanding just what we wanted.”

‘The struggle continues, but we’re getting thru it’

Rosbach and his family have been open about the pain they’ve endured. Rosbach revealed his son battled drug addiction, which ultimately took his life.

“It was a year ago today that my bride, Mary Anne and I lost our beloved Son Josh to his demons,” Rosbach wrote in an Instagram post on the anniversary.

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“The struggle continues, but we’re getting thru it. Thanks to all of you out there for your unconditional support, it does not go unnoticed and touches me in the very depths of my soul. We are both very grateful for the random acts of love and kindness that continue to come our way. To Josh, we will always carry you in our hearts and will do so until our souls leave our bodies to join you. We love you son and are very proud of the kind and loving person you were. Love, Mom & Pops.”

Rosbach knew time would not heal his pain

He discussed what happened during the days leading up to his son’s death. “I deal with it every day. I hate going to sleep, and I hate waking up,” he shared with Page Six. “There’s a hole there that can’t be filled.”

Adding, “And the person who said, ‘time heals all wounds,’ is full of it. It doesn’t. The only thing that time may do for you is allow you to learn the skills you need to cope with the situation that you’re dealing with. As parents, you’re not designed to bury your children.”

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Rosbach said Joshua fought drug addiction for years. But he thought finally his son turned a corner. “He’d got himself a car. He was working,” Rosbach said. “We thought we might have hit a milestone.” But one morning Rosbach went to visit his son and found him dead in his apartment. “I walked in and he was sitting on the sofa with his head in his hands, and I thought he had just passed out,” Rosbach recalled. He momentarily “felt relieved and thought he was fine.” But then, “Then I went over to give him a hug, and he was cold. He’d gone.”