‘Captain Marvel 2’: Fans Are Beyond Impressed With the Casting So Far

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for giving its fans among superhero movies back-to-back. As the MCU enters Phase 4, it brings with it new and fresh stories to be told. Some of those new stories are set to appear in the female superheroes sequel Captain Marvel 2.

Although some superhero films have received backlash for miscasting characters, Captain Marvel 2 has received mostly good criticism. Fans have noticed how accurate the cast of the second Captain Marvel films is and they are all here for it. Read on to learn more.

Where ‘Captain Marve’ left off

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When Captain Marvel starts, we see Vers who just woke up from a nightmare. In her dreams, she always seems to be haunted by a mysterious woman. She approaches Yon Rogg, who trains her to prepare to meet with the Supreme Intelligence, the artificial intelligence that rules Kree.

Vers is finally ready to go for missions, and her first assignment is to infiltrate the Skrulls, who the Kree are at war with. The Skrull Commander kidnaps her and tries to retrieve the information inside her memory.

She fights off the Skrulls and crash-lands on earth, attracting Coulson and Fury’s attention. The Skrulls follow her to earth and one of them impersonates Coulson on a chase. Fury kills the fake Coulson and Vers gets back the crystal that has her memory.

Vers and Fury use the crystal to get to Project Pegasus installation to find out more about her. They find out that she was an Air Force pilot who was presumed dead in 1989 after a fatal plane crash. She was under the tutelage of a Dr Wendy Lawson, who Vers identifies as the woman in her dreams.

After they get attacked by Talos who impersonated Fury’s boss Keller, they fly to Louisiana to meet Vers friend, Maria Rambeau. Maria tells Vers that her real name is Carol Danvers and that they were almost like family.

Talos arrives at Maria’s home unarmed and plays a recovered black box containing Danvers’ last conversation with Lawson. He informs them that Lawson was a Kree scientist who’d gone rogue after she was ordered not to destroy the engine.

Danvers destroys the engine herself and absorbs its powers. She ends up remembering the events of that day and confronts Yon Rogg in a battle. She spares him and sends him back to Kree with a message to the Supreme Intelligence. Meanwhile, Danvers sets out on a journey to find the Skrull a better home leaving Fury a pager to reach her in case of an emergency.

Fans are theorizing that the sequel will be about Marvel’s whereabouts

In the first movie’s post-credits scene, a scene from Avengers: Infinity War comes on where the Avengers are analyzing the pager given to Fury to try and figure out what it’s about. Danvers walks in and asks about Fury before the scene ends.

Although the details about the sequel’s synopsis have been a bit hush-hush, many fans are almost sure that the film will cover where Marvel was before appearing in Endgame. After leaving earth to help the Skrull find a suitable home away from the Kree, not much is known about Marvel’s whereabouts until she arrives to help the Avengers fight Thanos.

Fans are happy with the ‘Captain Marvel 2’ casting choices

Brie Larson
Brie Larson | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

When actress Brie Larson hit the screens as Captain Marvel, fans and critics alike praised her performance as the superhero.

According to Collider, MCU announced that it would be adding two major characters from the small screen; Monica Rambeau and a new superhero called Ms Marvel.

Actress Teyonah Parris plays the grown-up Monica, Maria’s daughter while Iman Vellani (a Pakistani-Canadian actress) plays Ms Marvel (the first Muslim superhero).

Fans took to Reddit to express their satisfaction with the casting choices with one fan saying, “Love how close the actresses look to their comic book counterparts.”