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While Captain Marvel will not receive another standalone installment as part of Phase 4, it goes without saying that the former fighter pilot will make her entrance once again. She will likely help set in motion the A-Force — an all-female Avengers team that has been alluded to since before— but especially following — the pivotal moment in Avengers: Endgame when the female saviors banded together. So, what will happen when the MCU’s Captain Marvel 2 hits the silver screen? 

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel Canadian Premiere | GP Images/Getty Images for Disney Studios

Recent insider reports suggest that one of the most notable X-Men characters will join Captain Marvel 2 as an adversary, more closely aligning with the character’s comic book origins as opposed to the mutant’s film depiction under Fox. So, what do we know so far?

‘Captain Marvel 2’ will reportedly introduce Rogue

According to Marvel Insider Mikey Sutton, and reported on by Superhero Buzz, Rogue will be one of the first X-Men characters to join the MCU. Superhero Buzz, noting Sutton’s credible past, stated:

The first X-Men fans will see in the MCU may be one of the most unexpected ones, at least to be initially introduced. Sutton has heard from several inside sources that Rogue is being developed to be a key figure in reviewing the X-Men under the intense vision of Kevin Feige.  Just like her comic book debut…Rogue will appear as a villain, a member of the mutant terrorist group. 

If reading the scoop above, you likely assumed that the terrorist group is Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants; however, this exact narrative extension remains undetermined. Sutton was told the name might be shortened, and Feige allegedly wants to place “Magneto on the shelf…due to Fox burnout.” 

Though Rogue may be joining the MCU as a villain, and as part of the mutant terrorist group fans are familiar with, this group and the members associated with it may not all appear or may appear in different iterations with adjusted stories, as to avoid replicating the Fox plots that have been overused. 

What will become of the X-Men under the MCU? 

Superhero Buzz continues on to discuss the MCU’s overhaul of the X-Men, as it’s likely that Kevin Feige may wish to avoid placing the same figures Fox highlighted in the spotlight. Not to mention, there are multiple stories with multiple relationships existing between various X-Men and Avengers to place on the silver screen. 

Allegedly, the use of Marauders has been discussed with Mr. Sinister as the head of the terrorist mutant group instead of Magneto; however, this rumor is apparently based on brainstorming conversations alone.

As of now, Rogue is slated for Captain Marvel 2 or Captain Marvel 3 as a villain. For now, let’s stick with that interesting bit of news before diving too far in. The X-Men are still likely ways away, and it may be another few phases until we see a full X-Men film come to fruition. However, it’s only a matter of time, as the Fox/Disney merger will not go wasted.