‘Captain Marvel’ Fans Wish Brie Larson’s ‘Fun’ Personality Showed Up In Her Character

Captain Marvel is one of the most important characters in the Marvel comics, and Marvel finally introduced her into the MCU in early 2019 with her own solo movie.

While the movie was fine enough, it didn’t really blow many people’s minds, and many fans regard it as being a decent MCU movie. That being said, Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel’s real name, is still a fresh character in the MCU, and Marvel will have plenty of opportunities to flesh her out.

Many Marvel fans are already speculating on where Carol’s story goes in the future movies, but most Marvel fans have other wishes as well.

Here’s a look at why Marvel fans want Brie Larson’s fun personality to spice up her portrayal of Captain Marvel in the future.

‘Captain Marvel’ had the right actress, but the wrong story

Like Marvel fans talked about on Reddit, Larson was simply the perfect person for playing Carol Danvers. Not only is she a skilled actress who could portray the things that Carol went through, but she also looked like the Carol that many comic book fans have grown used to. 

However, while Larson’s casting was perfect, many Marvel fans didn’t like where the story went in Captain Marvel.

The main issue with the story had to do with the fact that Carol had amnesia and simply didn’t know who she was. As a result, like Marvel fans talked about, she spent most of the movie rediscovering herself rather than growing as a character. 

Why Captain Marvel’s personality isn’t fun

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Due to that plot point, like Marvel fans talked about, audiences barely know Carol as a person. And what fans do know about her personality doesn’t make her seem like the most fun person to be around. Like one Marvel fan wrote, “She seems… intimidating in personality, like someone who is not pleasant to talk to in any social situation.”

That’s not to say that those aspects of Carol’s personality define her so much as that the movies have barely shown the funner side of her personality. Part of the reason for that has been the amnesia plot point, but the other reason was because her role in Avengers: Endgame was not meant to be a fun or lighthearted one. 

Due to those facts, Carol hasn’t really had the chance to let her hair loose and show off her more casual side. But, with a new solo movie in the works, Marvel will definitely have the opportunity to give Carol a chance to do just that. 

How Brie Larson’s fun personality can show up in the movies

Brie Larson
Brie Larson | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

Like Marvel fans on Reddit talked about, Larson is very different from Carol even though Larson herself feels like she resonates a lot with the character. One fan even said, “She does seem cool, nice, and fun, and I wish that came out in her portrayal of Carol. Hopefully the next movie will steer her in that direction.”

Obviously though, since Larson is an actor, her job is to play the role rather than become the role, so there’s nothing stopping Marvel from not following the wishes of Marvel fans. At the end of the day, it’s entirely possible that Marvel doesn’t want to push Carol in that direction, but it’s also clear that this is what many Marvel fans want. 

It also helps that, since Carol did go through amnesia, her character has plenty of room to grow in terms of her story. Because of that, Marvel has, practically speaking, a blank slate for where it can take Carol’s story, and as such, it would make sense for Marvel to use that blank slate to fix some of the issues that fans had with the first movie.