Cardi B Says She Wanted This Pop Star To Appear in ‘WAP’ Music Video; ‘I Had a Whole Vision’

Cardi B had a vision for her and Megan The Stallion’s “WAP” music video, but not everything the rapper had planned for the project became a reality.

Though she succeeded in getting powerhouse females to make cameos in the sex-positive anthem, Cardi’s attempts to include one other A-lister fell through — and it’s someone she really wanted to feature in the infamous video.

Cardi B
Cardi B | Leon Bennett/WireImage

Cardi B wanted one of her ‘Hustlers’ co-stars to make a cameo

When Cardi B envisioned the music video for “WAP,” she saw it featuring a fierce crew of powerful women.

Though that vision ended up coming true, there was actually was one more star the rapper planned to include, and it’s someone we could definitely see making a cameo had everything worked out.

During a recent interview with Hot 97, Cardi revealed that she wanted to include “Truth Hurts” singer Lizzo in the infamous video.

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However, the singer was out of town during the video shoot, much to the rapper’s dismay.

“I’m cool with Lizzo and everything. Like, we’ve been sending DMs to each other and all that,” the “Bodack Yellow” rapper said, according to Page Six. “But she was on vacation and she wasn’t in town.”

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ because I had a whole vision about how I want to see Lizzo and everything,” she said.

With Lizzo being one of the most popular artists in the industry and often promoting female empowerment, it’s clear why Cardi B wanted her to be in the “WAP” music video.

Also, since both chart-toppers appeared in the 2019 film Hustlers, it’s likely Cardi wanted another chance to work alongside Lizzo. But sadly, things ended up not working in her favor.

The video still included several powerhouse females

Though Lizzo wasn’t available when the video shoot took place, it still featured cameos from powerhouse women such as Kylie Jenner, Normani, Rosalía, and more, which is what Cardi B wanted.

“It was so important to me to include different women that are different races and come from different backgrounds but are so powerful and influential,” the rapper added.

In addition to “WAP” being the epitome of female empowerment, it’s also a sex-positive anthem, highlighting that women are taking back the narrative of femininity in hip-hop even if it is a male-dominated genre.

“WAP” continues to top the music charts

After “WAP” and its accompanying music video dropped on Aug. 7, Cardi and Megan’s epic collaboration has continued to climb the charts and break several records.

Not only did the song debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but it also earned Cardi B her fourth No. 1 spot — following “Bodak Yellow,” “I Like It,” and “Girls Like You” — and Megan Thee Stallion’s second after her “Savage” remix, featuring Beyoncé.

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As for the music video, it broke the record for the biggest 24-hour debut for an all-female collaboration on YouTube, garnering over 26 million views.

But despite its commercial success, “WAP” is still being met with criticism from conservatives who claim it’s very explicit.

Cardi, however, recently defended “WAP” and explained why she has no shame about what she says on the track.

“The people that the song bothers are usually conservatives or really religious people, but my thing is I grew up listening to this type of music,” she said on the Australia’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show. “Other people might think it’s strange and vulgar, but to me it’s almost like really normal, you know what I’m saying?”