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Cardi B’s son was born in 2021, but so far, fans don’t know his name. The former internet celebrity rose to fame sharing hilarious videos on Vine and Instagram. However, she began receiving critical acclaim as a rapper and songwriter in 2018 with her hit album Invasion of Privacy

Cardi B has consistently remained in the headlines in the years since, releasing hit after hit, like the controversial “WAP.” In addition to her musical talents, Cardi B is praised for her transparency and outgoing nature. And recently, the rapper took to Twitter to tease how she wants to announce her son’s name to the world — with a tattoo. 

How many children does Cardi B have?

Cardi B looks to the side at the 2021 AMAs
Cardi B attended the AMAs in 2021, shortly after her son was born. But what is his name? | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Cardi B began dating fellow rapper Offset in early 2017. The two got engaged in October 2017, and just a few months later, in April 2018, Cardi B revealed a surprise pregnancy during her performance on Saturday Night Live. The rapper later admitted she and Offset had secretly tied the knot not long before the pregnancy announcement. She gave birth to her daughter, Kulture Kiari, in July 2018.

Cardi B’s relationship with Offset went through some trying times in the years that followed. On several occasions, the pair split up publicly, with reports swirling in September 2020 that Cardi B filed for divorce. However, Cardi B and Offset reconciled. And just one year later, Cardi B gave birth to a son, her second child with Offset.

What did Cardi B recently say about revealing her son’s name via a face tattoo?

Although Cardi B has shared many photos and videos of her daughter, Kulture, to her social media pages, she’s kept her son out of the spotlight. Fans have anxiously waited for pictures of the baby. But Cardi B hasn’t even shared the name of her second child. In fact, the only photo that she shared of her son is his official birth announcement, which doesn’t even show the baby’s face.

Still, it seems as though Cardi B is ready to reveal some news. In a January 2022 Twitter post, the famous rapper wrote, “Random but ….I’m 1% close too [sic] tatting my sons name on my face….I really really wanna do it!”

How many tattoos does Cardi B have?


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While Cardi B has not revealed her son’s name yet, she’s certainly no stranger to unique tattoo concepts. The List notes that Cardi B has around 10 known tattoos, including her husband’s name, Offset, a tattoo on her arm that reads “loyalty over royalty,” and the American Sign Language for “I love you” behind her right ear. 

Cardi B’s most recognizable tattoo is one on the right side of her body, art that depicts a large peacock. The tattoo wraps around her right hip, her thigh, and extends to her back. The List notes that Cardi B first got the tattoo underway in 2010. She then got it touched up in 2020, in a process that ultimately took several months. She also has a tattoo of a cheetah, the name of her sister, and a few other small tattoos that represented people she knew in her past. 

It’s not much of a stretch to envision Cardi B going all out and tattooing her son’s name on her face. She’d make a strong statement in the way that her fans know and love her for.