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According to Omid Scobie’s new Endgame book, Kate Middleton’s mother, Carole Middleton, didn’t wait around hoping her eldest daughter would someday marry a prince. She did something about it, “orchestrating” the now-Princess of Wales’s life to put her in Prince William’s orbit. Soon Kate found herself “at the right places at the right time,” and eventually, the Prince of Wales “fell” for her. 

Carole knew Kate could ‘carry the family name further to the top’

In his latest book, author and royal correspondent Scobie revisited the early days of William and Kate’s romance. Before they met and fell in love as college students, it was, Scobie claimed, Kate’s parents, but primarily her mom, who knew the now-41-year-old had the potential to run in royal circles. 

“As two caring parents who worked hard, made their mint, and climbed the social ladder (no small feat in a country still obsessed with class), the Middletons — mostly Carole — saw that the pretty and grounded Kate was ready to carry the family name further to the top,” Scobie wrote (via Express). 

A “strategy” for making it happen followed hinging upon Kate being “at the right places at the right time.” 

Kate Middleton’s mom put her at the ‘center’ of Prince William’s ‘world’

Scobie went on to describe Carole’s approach as “orchestrating.” She, along with Kate’s father, Michael Middleton, “began orchestrating her life, ensuring she was at the right places at the right time and spoke the right way.” 

“Kensington Palace has never denied that Kate had several rounds of elocution lessons as she became more serious with William,” he noted. However, “the Middleton strategy involved more than just aristocratic affectation — Carole calculatingly placed Kate right at the center of young Prince William’s world.”

So much so that she encouraged Kate to change her plan of attending college at the University of Edinburgh. “When Carole learned that Prince William was slated to attend the University of St. Andrews, she encouraged her daughter to turn down a spot at her dream school, the University of Edinburgh, take a gap year to study abroad in Florence, and enroll at St. Andrews the following year,” Scobie wrote.

“Carole set things up, and Kate took it the rest of the way.”

William ‘fell’ for Kate, the entire Middleton family, and life in the English countryside

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The “quasi-contrived nature” of how William and Kate met aside, the author also highlighted how there’s nothing fake about their love for each other. He said William fell in love with Kate as well as her parents, siblings, and their Berkshire life. 

William took to the cozy Middleton enclave in a village where time seemed to stand still,” he wrote. “The echoing bells of the sixteenth-century parish, the clink of glasses and last call at the traditional Bladebone Inn, and the low lights and trailing chimney smoke from thatched-roof houses all proved irresistible for a young man used to gated entries, long corridors, and private secretaries.” 

William, he noted, “also fell for the Middleton family. Although less frequent these days, William has always looked forward to Sunday roasts at their house and helping load the dishwasher at the end of it.” 

Part of the reason, the author explained, is because the Middleton home stood in contrast to the places William usually frequented. 

“They live in comfort, but it’s down-to-earth, snug, and congenial compared to the decorous, hushed rooms at the cavernous royal residences he grew up in,” Scobie said. “The wellies-by-the-back-door and home-cooked meals of it was an environment that both he and Kate have continually tried to re-create for their own children.”

Endgame hit shelves on Nov. 28, 2023.