Carrie Fisher Had an Intense Affair With David Bowie When She Was 17, Book Claims

Carrie Fisher was an open book. When she was alive, the late actor was transparent about her mental health, her drug addictions, growing up in the spotlight, and her romantic affairs. However, a 2018 book revealed even more details about Fisher’s private life.

Though Fisher spoke openly about her affair with Harrison Ford, it seems like she also had an affair with David Bowie when she was just 17. Apparently, it was extremely intense.

Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher | Express/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Carrie Fisher had a secret affair with Harrison Ford while filming ‘Star Wards’

Though they had great chemistry in the first Star Wars franchise, no one expected that Fisher and Ford actually had an affair during filming. FIsher shocked the world when she revealed the secret romance in her 2016 memoir, The Princess Diarist.

Ford was married and 33-years old at the time when Fisher was just 19. Fisher wrote that the older actor initiated the affair when he kissed her in the backseat of his car. From there, they carried on an affair during the duration of filming. However, by the time the movie wrapped, so did the affair.

In the end, Fisher said she wished she never revealed it to the public. She thought that the book was  “too much” for both her and Ford to handle. 

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Carrie Fisher said she liked ‘unavailable men’

Even before her affair with Ford, Fisher was dating men who were either literally unavailable or emotionally distant and withholding. Fisher grew up with an emotionally unavailable parent. Her father, actor Eddie Fisher abandoned her pregnant mother when he married her mother’s good friend, Elizabeth Taylor.

Since her father never showed any real interest in developing a relationship with her, the late actor revealed that she became used to men running away from her. In fact, it was something that she learned to expect.

In her memoir, Fisher reveals that despite their affair, Ford often ignored her. She felt even more obsessed with him as a result. She wrote, “I wish you would love me more so that I could love you less.”

Carrie Fisher had an intense affair with David Bowie

Two years before her affair with Ford, Fisher also had an intense affair with Bowie. While attending the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, Fisher was introduced to Bowie at a party.

In their biography, Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds via NME, Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince wrote that Fisher was drawn to the musician because he “had made the world a better place for rebels, oddballs, and misfits like me.” However, the romance was very intense. Fisher reportedly confided in her close friend actor, Joan Hackett, that Bowie “seemed to survive for days on brain-sizzling cocaine, drinking only milk for nourishment.” She added,

Some nights were torture for him as he sank into a cocaine pit of hell… He could be ruthless, mean, jealous. At other times, he conquered his demons and could be sweet and tender, wanting and needing love.