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CBS gathered a few of the successful love stories from their reality shows to promote their new dating competition series, The Real Love Boat. Couples from Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and a few other familiar faces hopped onboard a ship to talk about love and celebrate the premiere of the upcoming show.

'Big Brother 24' alumni Monte Taylor, Indy Santos, Joseph Abdin, and Taylor Hale, and other CBS couples, attend the launch party for 'The Real Love Boat' on a ship. Monte, Indy, Joseph, and Taylor pose for pictures together.
Monte Taylor, Indy Santos, Joseph Abdin, and Taylor Hale | Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

‘Big Brother’ and ‘The Amazing Race’ couples attended the launch party for ‘The Real Love Boat’

CBS held a launch party for The Real Love Boat on Saturday, Oct. 1, aboard a Princess Cruises ship in California. And since multiple Big Brother and The Amazing Race alums and couples were in town for the Big Brother 24 finale, they were invited to the party.

Taylor Hale, Joseph Abdin, Monte Taylor, and Indy Santos from Big Brother 24 were in attendance. Derek Xiao, Claire Rehfuss, and Kyland Young from Big Brother 23 joined them. And The Amazing Race Season 32 winners Will Jardell and James Wallington and current The Amazing Race Season 34 team Rich Kuo and Dom Jones were also at the party.

As fans know, Derek and Claire are dating, Rich and Dom are dating, and Will and James are married. Plus, fans are currently obsessed with Taylor and Joseph’s blossoming relationship. So it was a love fest at the premiere of The Real Love Boat.

Taylor discussed the event with Us Weekly. She said, “It’s always really exciting when we get to go and meet fans. It’s weird to even say that we have fans because we’re just regular people that did a really crazy experience … And having Joseph by my side makes it all a lot sweeter.”

What is ‘The Real Love Boat’ about?

The Real Love Boat will introduce a group of single men and women looking for love on the high seas. The new CBS reality dating competition series draws inspiration from The Love Boat, an ABC scripted romance show from the ’70s and ’80s.

The premiere’s synopsis reads:

“The inaugural episode sets sail as hosts Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell greet five single women and five single men who are ready to find love and begin the adventure of a lifetime aboard the Regal Princess Cruise Ship. After the singles make their way through the stunning city of Barcelona, they are thrown into the first competition of the season — a talent show where they must impress potential partners! But all is not smooth sailing when two new men come aboard and crash a cocktail party. The episode concludes with the Sail Away Ceremony where the women each choose who has caught their eye and will remain on the ship, while the rest will ‘Shove Off’ and be left behind at port. Special guest star Ted Lange, whose iconic character Isaac helped singles find love in the original 1970s scripted series The Love Boat, passes the proverbial cocktail shaker to the new Crew who will help singles navigate romance on the high seas.”


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Couples from ‘Big Brother’ and ‘The Amazing Race’ will join a Twitter Space before the premiere

CBS announced on Twitter that couples from Big Brother and The Amazing Race would hop on a Twitter Space an hour before the premiere of The Real Love Boat.

The tweet reads, “In honor of the series premiere of [The Real Love Boat] this Wednesday, we’re uniting some of your favorite reality ‘ships’ to have a special conversation all about love and relationships!”

Will and James will host the Space, and their special guests will include Joseph (and hopefully Taylor), Derek and Claire, Kim and Penn Holderness from The Amazing Race Season 33, and The Real Love Boat bartender Ezra Freeman.

The Real Love Boat premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 5, at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.