Celebrities With Legitimate LinkedIn Profiles You Should Follow

When it comes to LinkedIn – the employment-oriented social media platform controlling our modern professional lives – you should be wary of the individuals you endorse. Connecting with colleagues, friends (with socially acceptable reputations), and inspirational industry influences are run-of-the-mill protocols, but what about celebrities?

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez | Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images For dcp

There are several fake celebrity profiles on LinkedIn – made to publicize a figure or mock a contemporary icon – however, there are also several credible, legitimate LinkedIn profiles attached to celebrities. This list will highlight the accounts that are verified: the influencers, and others, who you don’t have to be concerned about following.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is one of the many celebrity Influencers listed on LinkedIn. Her profile’s experience section is well-fleshed out; starting with the triple threat’s origins as a performer – from the “Jenny From the Block” days – and ending with her role as Co-founder and CEO of the production company Nuyorican Productions, she explains her work as a producer, actor, director, and singer in great detail.

Jennifer Lopez’s LinkedIn also features a profile section focusing on her most recent endeavors, and life-long roles: she is a “mom, partner, actor, singer, film & television producer…and bestselling author.”

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is likely on LinkedIn to promote her health and lifestyle organization, The Honest Company. While her company has been under fire as of late, this doesn’t take away from the professionalism inherent to her profile.

Jessica Alba’s profile, though noting her time spent as an actress, hones in on her advocacy and her company. The only experience listed is related to The Honest Company, of which she is the founder. However, given her fame, most of us can put the rest of the pieces together.

Shaquille O’Neal

Though his profile picture for the platform features him holding a basketball, his LinkedIn profile is less about his career as an NBA star, and more focused on O’Neal’s later endeavors.

From his work as NBA Analyst to his time spent as a Brand Ambassador for AT&T, Shaquille O’Neal boasts hundreds of endorsements for his entrepreneurship, marketing, and customer service skills. With over 500+ connections, the profile traces his entire like – from college on. The profile is detailed and explanatory, without feeling over the top.

Barack Obama

Let’s start by saying Barack Obama does not belong under the title “celebrity,” for he is so much more than the word connotes. However, he deserves to be included on this list. With “Former President of the United States of America” slapped right at the top of his profile, how can you not follow him? Barack Obama’s experience included his presidency, his time spent as a Senator, and his years as a Senior Lecturer in Law.

Graduating from both Harvard and Columbia, before going on to become president, Barack Obama, arguably, has the most impressive profile on LinkedIn. With over 500+ connections and noteworthy interests, the former president is worth a follow.

Conan O’Brien

The CEO of Conan and one of the most famous late-night talk show hosts boasts over 500 followers, despite a rather simple profile. Though O’Brien takes a bare-bones approach to LinkedIn, you will be able to see the informative and engaging articles he posts if you decide to follow him.

Endorsed in the quite humorous categories of “pretending to listen,” and “talking,” his profile may be a bit on the funny side, but it’s in line with the man’s personality, so it’s acceptable.