‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’: Chris Kattan Missing From Live Feeds; Cast Seemingly Confirms He Quit

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 6, aired February 9.]

Saturday Night Live comedian Chris Kattan joined the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast alongside 10 other famous faces to compete for $250,000. However, he seemed to have a hard time in the house and asked the others to eliminate him during the February 7 episode. Two days later, the Kattan presumably quit as he’s noticeably missing from the Live Feeds, and houseguests have seemingly confirmed it in conversations.

Actor Chris Kattan at Lumiere Music Hall
Actor Chris Kattan attends the world premiere of “Famous” at Lumiere Music Hall | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Chris Kattan seemingly quit ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’

After UFC fighter Miesha Tate won her second Head of Household competition of the season, comedian Chris Kattan approached her about becoming a nomination. However, she told him she had another plan in mind but went up after the Power of Veto ceremony.

Although Kattan seemingly wanted to exit, he seemed in better spirits after their conversation. Following nominations, the houseguests faced off in the Veto competition. When the Live Feeds returned, fans immediately noticed the comedian missing.

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Several houseguests seemingly confirmed his exit as television personality Carson Kressley claimed he left his “serum.” Additionally, Miesha wondered about the new “protocol” as they’ve “lost someone” and how it affected upcoming Double Evictions.

Finally, singer Todrick Hall admitted he found himself less “stressed” out when Kattan was still a renomination option as Miesha already suggested he might go up. Former Housewives star Cynthia Bailey replied that Kattan is “out of the equation.” According to managing editor at Us Weekly, Sharon Tharp, CBS will announce his exit during the Friday, Feb. 11 episode.

He previously asked his houseguests to evict him over Mirai Naguasu

During the Monday, Feb. 7 show, Kattan sat on the block next to Mirai Nagasu, a good friend he made while in the house.

As she wanted to stay, and he previously expressed his desire to exit, the comedian respectfully asked his houseguests to vote him out and keep the Olympic figure skater in his eviction speech.

He noted how much she wanted to compete and hoped the others would give her another chance. However, as Kirkpatrick, Miesha, and Todrick found her untrustworthy for tipping Teddi Mellencamp off about her blindside, she was the house target at the time.

Therefore, they opted to keep Kattan against his wishes and eliminated Mirai instead in a unanimous vote. ‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Lamar Odom Discovered How the Winner Is Determined: ‘That’s Corny!’

Kattan had issues sleeping and neck issues

Following the figure skater’s eviction, the remaining nine houseguests faced each other in another HOH competition. Miesha won again, her second of the season, and noted she didn’t want to show off her room and read her letter that night.

Instead, she offered Kattan her bed to sleep as he’s found it difficult with actor Todd Bridges’ snoring.

He seemed to have slept well but still woke up and asked Miesha about nominations, seemingly hoping he would go home. Presumably, Kattan made up his mind and decided to exit on his own terms.

It’s unclear exactly why he quit and why he hasn’t been feeling well, but many Live Feed viewers attribute it to his lack of sleep and previous neck injuries that seemed to have pained him in the house. Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS.

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