‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ Spoilers: Who Won Head of Household During Episode 6 and Who Did They Nominate?

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 6, including the third Head of Household of the season.]

Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 6 will feature the newly crowned Head of Household. Who is the third HOH of the season, and who did they nominate?

Host Julie Chen Moonves standing onstage during 'Celebrity Big Brother'
Host Julie Chen Moonves onstage during ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton/CBS/Getty Images

Meisha Tate is crowned Head of Household during ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ Episode 6

Following Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagasu’s unanimous eviction, the houseguests faced off for the power of Head of Household.

UFC fighter Miesha Tate walked away with the win, her second of the season.

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After her victory, she talked with her final two ally Todrick Hall about their mutual annoyance with Chris Kirkpatrick, as they might have gotten into it with the former boy band member while the feeds weren’t available.

Although the *NSYNC singer is aligned with Miesha, he’s playing both sides of the house and admitted to Cynthia Bailey that he didn’t think he could take a shot at the UFC fighter.

She nominated Carson Kressley and Cynthia Bailey for eviction

Before the nomination ceremony, comedian Chris Kattan spoke to Miesha about her upcoming selections, but she assured him he wouldn’t initially see the block.

Even though Kattan seemed ready to exit the competition, his spirits picked up after their talk. Speaking with television personality Carson Kressley, pageant queen Shanna Moakler expressed her concern for getting nominated and wondered why no one seemed ready to target Miesha.

He advised her to align with Miesha and his final two ally Cynthia if he is the next to exit the house. The HOH nominated Carson and Cynthia, with the former as her primary target.

Todrick, who considers the RuPaul’s Drag Race judge his biggest threat, noted he thought the other houseguests blamed him for her nominations following the ceremony.

Carson will likely become the third houseguest evicted from ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’

Discussing their next move, Kirkpatrick told Shanna he thought Carson had a high probability of saving himself with the Power of Veto again and believes Miesha would put up Kattan as a renom. Later, Carson talked with Cynthia and told her he planned to use the Veto on her if he won.

However, the former Atlanta Housewife advised Carson to save himself as she believes Miesha would nominate a bigger target to sit next to her. The television personality noted he thought she wouldn’t put up Kattan as he feels Miesha and Todrick will keep the comedian due to his loyalty to them.

Carson continued to wonder what he should do if he won the Veto as he thinks Miesha could backdoor Shanna. The HOH and Todrick discussed the possible blowback from her nominations and pointed out they thought Kirkpatrick and Shanna would eventually come after them. However, the two believed they had former NBA player Lamar Odom and actor Todd Bridges on their side, and Todrick thought he could pull in Cynthia.

Speaking to Shanna, Lamar explained he planned to nominate Miesha and Todrick if he won HOH and would vote out the UFC fighter if the two were on the block because he deemed her the biggest physical threat. With Carson as Miesha’s target and without as many allies, he’s likely to leave unless he wins POV. Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS.

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