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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Week 2 Head of Household of Celebrity Big Brother 3 and their nominations.]

The remaining 10 famous Celebrity Big Brother 3 houseguests faced off for the power of Head of Household, and the winner revealed their nominations. Who is the Week 2 HOH and their target?

Julie Chen Moonves standing, smiling on stage during 'Celebrity Big Brother'
Julie Chen Moonves on stage during ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS/Getty Images

Spoiler: Chris Kirkpatrick is the Head of Household for Week 2 of ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’

Following television personality Teddi Mellencamp’s eviction, the houseguests faced off in the next Head of Household competition.

Chris Kirkpatrick, a close ally of the outgoing HOH, UFC fighter Miesha Tate, won, keeping the power in their tight partnership.

Last week, Chris suggested targeting Mirai Nagasu while Miesha made it clear she preferred to blindside Teddi instead. Therefore, he wants to take the shot at Mirai this week and has strategized on the best way to ensure her eviction. The *NSYNC bandmate has expressed his desire to use a pawn and thought Lamar Odom would fit the plan.

Even though the former NBA champion seemingly agreed, Chris had a different idea. He nominated comedian Chris Kattan alongside Mirai as he wouldn’t care if something went wrong and the pawn went home instead.

Mirai Nagasu has landed on the block for the second time in a row

During Week 1, the figure skater teamed up with Todrick Hall, Carson Kressley, Shanna Moakler, Cynthia Bailey, and Teddi to form the Formation alliance.

Miesha, the HOH at the time, privately spoke to Mirai and revealed her plan to blindside Teddi. The 28-year-old then warned her ally, who told Todrick. Not liking Mirai’s move, Todrick exposed her to Miesha, and she shifted her target to the former Dancing with the Stars contestant.

She nominated Mirai alongside pawn Carson Kressley, who overwhelmingly won the Power of Veto competition. The reality personality saved himself from the block, giving way for Miesha’s initial plan to blindside Teddi, despite their recent agreement.

Shortly before the houseguests cast their vote to evict, the Gala Gift twist saved Mirai as the last person who ended up with the bag, Todd Bridges, opted to replace her on the block over Teddi. In a 5-3 vote, the former Real Housewives star became the first evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 3.

Chris Kattan might follow Teddi Mellencamp out of the Celebrity Big Brother house

As Teddi discovered Todrick’s several loyalties, she exposed his game, effectively ending the Formation alliance.

Even so, Mirai is still loosely connected to Miesha’s “athlete” alliance that includes Lamar Odom, Chris Kirkpatrick, Shanna Moakler, and Todrick as the then-HOH included her when she initially brought her in on the plan to backdoor Teddi.


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Last week, Miesha commented that she wanted to keep Mirai around for “Bowl-erina,” as she believes the figure skater will perform well in it.

Depending on who wins the POV, and barring another twist, it seems as though Chris Kattan will follow Teddi out of the door. Even though Kirkpatrick’s target is Mirai, the figure skater’s allies might protect her. Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS.