‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’: How Todrick Hall Reacted to Todd Bridges Rolling His Eyes During His Speech

Celebrity Big Brother 3 had a few dramatic moments in the finale. One of them was Todd Bridges rolling his eyes during Todrick Hall’s speech. Miesha Tate revealed they did see that and how Hall reacted. 

Todd Bridges rolled his eyes at Todrick Hall on ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’

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The finale showed Hall giving a speech to the jury as the last effort to win their votes. “I was inspired to play this game when I saw The Cookout come on here and for the first time in this show’s 23-year history they were able to secure the first African American winner,” Hall said.

That’s when the camera cut to Bridges, who rolled his eyes. “But when I came in here I was like ‘Todrick, I don’t wanna win this game because I’m Black. I don’t want to win this game because I’m gay. I wanna win this game because I love this game,’ he continued. “I know it like the back of my hand and I know how this game is won.”

Todrick Hall stands on stage with his arms open wearing a purple outfit.
Todrick Hall | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

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The jury then voted and Bridges said, “Everything was great up until I saw the live feeds and I just think that God bless you guys, and I hope you realize that playing this game and winning is definitely doing it a good way and not talking bad about people who are already gone,” the Diff’rent Strokes actor said. 

Hall lost with a vote of 7-1. Tate revealed they did see Bridges’ reaction at the time.

How Todrick Hall reacted to Todd Bridges rolling his eyes

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Fans didn’t get Hall’s full reaction to the jury during the episode. But Tate revealed her conversation with the runner-up while filming.

“We saw a cutaway of Todd rolling his eyes, and he [Hall] was like, ‘Did you see that?’” Tate told Pop Culture. “And I was like, ‘Yeah.'” 

The winner said Hall asked, “‘What was that?’ And basically, we were just kind of trying to decipher what that was about. And that’s really what the conversation was.”

Tate said she was surprised by the jury and will be going back to watch the show to find out what was shown. She did include an apology for one houseguest. “I’m a mother,” she said. “I want my daughter to grow up to respect people of all different walks of life. I’m always telling her, even at 3 years old, ‘Don’t judge anybody.’ And I made a mistake, and I would like to say that I’m sincerely sorry to Shanna [Moakler], particularly, for that.”