Is ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Airing Tonight? HOH and Nomination Spoilers for Episode 10

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 10, including HOH winner and nominations.]

During Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 10, airing tonight, Feb. 16, viewers will watch the Head of Household competition unfold and discover which two houseguests are up for eviction. Who won the HOH, and who did they nominate?

Todrick Hall, Cynthia Bailey, Lamar Odom, Todd Bridges, and Miesha Tate posing separately
‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ houseguests, Todrick Hall, Cynthia Bailey, Lamar Odom, Todd Bridges, and Miesha Tate | Mike Marsland; Steve Granitz; Paras Griffin; Marcus Ingram; Jeff Bottari

Who wins HOH in ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ Episode 10?

Following the eviction of pageant queen Shanna Moakler, the remaining five houseguests, except outgoing Head of Household Carson Kressley, faced off in the next HOH competition, which will air in Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 10 tonight, February 16 at 8/7c.

Actor Todd Bridges won the HOH but singer Todrick Hall’s performance landed him in a punishment costume. After his win, Todd spoke to Miesha Tate about his plan for the upcoming week, noting he planned to target Carson.

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However, he said two-time NBA champ and presumed close ally Lamar Odom would go home if the television personality saved himself with the Power of Veto.

The following day, Todd explained to Todrick and Lamar that he wouldn’t nominate Cynthia Bailey, despite their heated exchange, believing the move might incentivize her to vote for them to win. Additionally, he felt only placing Carson on the block would encourage him not to use the Veto if he won to prevent Cynthia from getting backdoored.

Todd nominated Carson Kressley and Lamar Odom for eviction in ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ Episode 10

Therefore, Todd decided to nominate Carson next to Lamar, who he designated as the pawn. After making his mind up, the HOH approached Carson and warned him of the upcoming nominations, noting he wanted to play a straight-up game.

Following the ceremony, not much strategy talk occurred in the house; the players had a lot to say about the recently evicted Shanna.

That night, Todd clarified his reasoning for targeting Carson more, noting he didn’t want to sit next to Carson at the end, deeming the television personality too likable. Although Carson seemingly knows he’s the target, he and Cynthia don’t seem concerned.

They are hoping for Cynthia to win the Veto, so she and Carson are safe. If that happens, Lamar likely follows Shanna out of the door. If anyone but Cynthia wins the Veto, she or Carson are probably joining the jury next.

Close ally Carson Kressley evicted Shanna Moakler

Singer Chris Kirkpatrick seemingly sacrificed his game by encouraging Shanna to save Carson with the Power of Veto. Even though it resulted in his backdoor, the *NSYNC member hoped his move would give the other side of the house – Cynthia, Carson, and Shanna – a chance against Todd, Miesha, and Todrick.

When Carson won HOH, it seemed the tables had finally turned. However, Todrick exposed Shanna for having deals with him and Miesha at the beginning of the competition, painting her as unloyal.

Therefore, Carson and Cynthia flipped on their ally and put a plan in motion to backdoor her. Todrick won the Veto and opted to remove Todd, opening a seat on the nomination block.

Considering her a double agent, even though she just saved him the Veto and voted to keep Cynthia over Kirkpatrick, then-HOH Carson backdoored his ally, and she unanimously joined the jury. Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS.

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