‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Chris Kirkpatrick Confirmed Brief Exit From Show and Explained Why

Singer Chris Kirkpatrick briefly exited Celebrity Big Brother 3 before the Live Feeds became available to the public and spent time in a hotel. After his eviction, he opened up about why he had to leave the house temporarily.

Singer Chris Kirkpatrick of Gone Counrty Season Two speaks during the 2008 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour
‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ houseguest, Chris Kirkpatrick | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Chris Kirkpatrick confirms brief exit from ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ due to false-positive COVID-19 test

Following her eviction, television personality Teddi Mellencamp claimed someone briefly left the house due to a COVID-19 test. While she didn’t name Chris Kirkpatrick, previous rumors on Twitter led viewers to believe he was the person in question.

The *NSYNC singer confirmed he did get pulled in an interview with TooFab, admitting the situation “freaked me out.” Kirkpatrick explained they were hanging out when the producers called him to the Diary Room a few times in a row.

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The number of times they requested him worried him, and the singer thought something had happened with his family. He noted the crew informed him of his positive coronavirus test, but he didn’t think he had it due to his time “in a bubble” before appearing on the show.

The singer continued and explained the producers gave him a rapid test that returned a negative result. Even so, Kirkpatrick had to exit the house as they tested him twice more briefly. As they were also negative, the 50-year-old noted the crew realized he gave a false positive and allowed him to re-enter the game.

Kirkpatrick became the second HOH of the season

During the early days in the competition, Kirkpatrick aligned with Todrick Hall and Miesha Tate through her Athlete’s Alliance. However, his loyalty went to the final two ally, Shanna Moakler.

When Kirkpatrick became the second HOH of the season, he made it clear he wanted to target Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagasu, one of the only houseguests he had no deals with.

Additionally, Kirkpatrick saw her as someone outside of his alliance to win competitions. Even though Todrick and Miesha tried to convince him to go after their target, Carson Kressley, he didn’t change his mind, and Mirai became the second member of the jury.

After her eviction, Miesha won HOH and nominated duo Cynthia Bailey and Carson. Wanting to give their side a chance against Todrick and Miesha, Kirkpatrick pushed Shanna to save Carson with the Power of Veto, although it made him vulnerable.

Chris Kirkpatrick became the third member of the ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ jury

As Shanna used the Veto after promising Miesha she wouldn’t, the HOH felt blindsided. Additionally, she thought Kirkpatrick began acting weird and didn’t think she could trust the singer anymore.

Therefore, Miesha backdoored him, and he unanimously became the third member of the jury. Kirkpatrick follows first boot Teddi Mellencamp and his target Mirai out of the door.

Comedian Chris Kattan self-evicted a couple of days before the *NSYNC member’s exit, but he isn’t a juror and won’t cast a vote for the winner.

His final two partner Shanna followed him out of the door as Todrick successfully infiltrated their alliance, convincing Carson to backdoor her and save Miesha. Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS.

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