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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 8 including Head of Household winner.]

Even though it resulted in Chris Kirkpatrick’s eviction, the dynamics in the Celebrity Big Brother house began to shift following Shanna Moakler’s Power of Veto move. It continued with Carson Kressley’s Head of Household win. However, Todrick Hall had a game-changing conversation with Cynthia Bailey before Carson made his nominations that might have flipped her against her ally.

Todrick Hall posing at RuPaul's DragCon 2019
‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ houseguest, Todrick Hall | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Carson Kressley crowned HOH during ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ Episode 8

When Shanna Moakler used the Power of Veto, blindsiding then-Head of Household Miesha Tate, Chris Kirkpatrick said he felt the house dynamics shift, even though it ultimately resulted in his eviction.

Carson Kressley then won HOH after making a deal with Todrick Hall, giving his side (Cynthia Bailey and Shanna) power for the first time in the competition.

Following his win, the alliance discussed their moves, and he noted he planned to target the biggest physical threat, Miesha, who also nominated him during both her reigns.

The group agreed they would make a deal with Todrick not to use the Veto on his closest ally if he won and noted Todd Bridges would become the next evicted if Miesha is saved.

Todrick Hall seemingly convinced Cynthia Bailey and Carson to flip on Shanna Moakler

However, their plan went haywire the following day when Carson brought in Todrick to discuss a possible final four with the alliance if he agreed to vote out Miesha.

The singer then filled his ally in on the pitch before attempting to turn the group on each other. Todrick approached Cynthia and claimed Shanna repeatedly threw Carson under the bus to him.

Additionally, he implied the pageant queen remained safe because she had secret deals with Miesha and insisted Shanna would’ve voted out Carson if Kirkpatrick didn’t get backdoored, even though she saved him with the Veto.

The UFC fighter joined in and said Shanna felt left out of their alliance and agreed to a final four with her, Kirkpatrick, and Todrick. They filled Carson in on the details, and he initially didn’t understand because Shanna used the Veto on him. However, Miesha suggested Shanna did so to help her game, an idea Carson seemingly accepted.

Carson might backdoor his own ally during ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ HOH reign

Cynthia believed Miesha and Todrick over her Twisters’ ally, and Carson later confronted Shanna about it. She denied the rumors, insisting she had always fought on their side as she recently saved Carson with the Veto and voted her final two partner Kirkpatrick out over Cynthia.

After the nomination ceremony, where he put up Miesha and Todd as previously discussed, Cynthia wondered if Shanna knew the UFC fighter planned on nominating her. Todrick convinced her she did, but the pageant queen denied the claims again, pointing out the singer’s attempts to break apart their alliance.


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However, Cynthia and Carson seemingly believe Todrick over Shanna, even though they haven’t worked with him throughout the season. Therefore, the two are apparently entertaining the idea of backdooring their ally if Miesha comes off the block.

Carson’s HOH reign was meant to serve as a shift in the house with the possibility of heavy hitters Miesha or Todrick exiting. However, Todrick might have swung the power back in their direction. Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS.