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Runner-up Todrick Hall and Todd Bridges were aligned during Celebrity Big Brother 3. Initially, Todd felt Todrick played the best game and thought he would win before changing his mind after hearing things the singer said caught on the Live Feeds. After the show concluded, Todd responded to a conversation Todrick had with close ally and champ Miesha Tate in which he felt the actor made “homophobic” comments.

Todd Bridges and Todrick Hall smiling at separate premieres
‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ houseguests, Todd Bridges and Todrick Hall | Leon Bennett; Tommaso Boddi/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Todd Bridges called Todrick Hall a ‘liar’ for claiming he made homophobic comments during ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’

A few days after Celebrity Big Brother 3 came to a close, Todd Bridges responded to a comment that Todrick Hall made in the house.

He quote-tweeted a fan account that posted a conversation between Todrick and his closest ally and winner Miesha Tate where he accused Lamar Odom and Todd of repeatedly making “condescending, rude, homophobic” comments regarding his clothing.

The actor wrote, “Wow, so now it’s on us. Such a liar.” A fan replied, claiming they saw who made those comments, to which Todd responded, “Now he really is showing who he is. So sad.” Another person agreed, describing Todrick and Miesha as the actual “vipers” caught on the Live Feeds, and Todd called it “crazy” that the runner-up pretends as though the viewers “did not see that or hear it out his mouth.”

The 56-year-old added, “he needs real help.” In a final tweet about the situation, Todd claimed Todrick is the one who talked about his clothing in the Diary Room.

He changed his opinion about Todrick’s gameplay after his eviction

After he left the house, Todd initially declared Todrick the future winner to host Julie Chen Moonves, noting he worked the game. However, he changed his tune after exit interviews and spending time on social media.

There, he learned of Todrick’s controversial behavior in the house, namely comments made about Shanna Moakler that many interpreted as “slut shaming” after she left the house.

Todd rolled his eyes several times during finale night while Todrick made his winner’s speech. He then briefly explained he didn’t think the game involved talking negatively about houseguests after they left the house before voting.

Mainly due to poor jury management and Miesha’s physical dominance, she won over Todrick in a 7-1 vote.

Todd placed fourth in ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’

Toward the beginning of Celebrity Big Brother 3, Todd seemed only closely aligned with Lamar Odom, eventually joining Miesha’s Athlete Alliance.

During the first eviction, Todd found himself on the block during the Gala Gift twist as a re-nomination and barely escaped with a 5-3 vote. He then got into an argument with Cynthia Bailey and got nominated a few days later due to her closest ally Carson Kressley winning Head of Household.


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However, Todrick saved him with the Power of Veto as part of a plan to backdoor Shanna Moakler. Todd then won the next HOH, where Carson was evicted on his reign, painting a target on his back as a good competitor.

Todrick took a shot at him by nominating him next to Lamar, and he unknowingly saved his Big Brother life by winning the POV before getting knocked out the next round, placing fourth.