‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Todrick Hall Reveals His ‘Biggest Regret’ in the Game

Singer and entertainer Todrick Hall competed on Celebrity Big Brother 3. While he was a favorite, in the beginning, Todrick sparked controversy for his insensitive comments about Shanna Moakler during his campaign against her and after she left the house. A little over a month after canceled media interviews, Todrick spoke to Entertainment Tonight about his experience, including his “biggest regret” in the game.

Todrick Hall posing at UOMA Pride Month and Juneteenth Celebration launch event
‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ runner-up, Todrick Hall | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Todrick Hall reveals his ‘biggest regret’ in Celebrity Big Brother 3’

After losing Celebrity Big Brother to his ally in a 7-1 vote, Todrick Hall canceled his exit interviews and refused to talk about his controversial behavior in the house.

A couple of weeks after making a vague statement on Instagram, Todrick opened up to Denny Directo of Entertainment Tonight in a March 24 interview.


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When asked about his “biggest regret,” the singer revealed he wished he hadn’t blurred the lines between gameplay and “reality,” pointing out he shouldn’t have said “anything negative.” Todrick insisted he “actually liked” the houseguests, naming Cynthia Bailey the only person to vote for him to win, close ally Miesha Tate with whom he’s still in constant communication, and Carson Kressley.

The runner-up also apologized for things he said that “offended people,” claiming it doesn’t define his “character” and was only playing a game. However, he noted the experience revealed a lot about himself he hadn’t noticed.

Todrick responds to Shanna Moakler controversy 

Additionally, Todrick spoke about his strained relationship with Shanna Moakler, insisting he rooted for her “on the other side of the house,” but said the series didn’t show it.

Finally, he pointed out that the Live Feeds didn’t broadcast 24/7 and thinks “open moments” led fans to “try to fill in the blanks of what happened during that time with information.”

While he owns up to some insensitive comments he made about Shanna, ultimately, the singer thinks “there are certain parts” of their situation “that are completely not true.”

He also added, “I would love for us to build a relationship at some point. I don’t dislike her at all.” Regardless of his regrets, Todrick noted he was satisfied with his gameplay.

He previously canceled his media interviews after ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ loss

When attempting to save his number one, Miesha Tate, from eviction, Todrick convinced Carson that his ally Shanna previously worked with them and began playing both sides of the house.

Considering her a double agent, Carson backdoored her during his reign, a move that proved disastrous. While a good game move, viewers didn’t appreciate the comments Todrick made about Shanna in his campaign.

They felt that he slut-shamed her and thought he went too personal by continuing to negatively discuss her after her eviction. His comments sparked backlash, and he disabled his comments on Instagram as a result.

After skipping his exit interviews, Todrick posted a vague statement on social media a couple of weeks later, claiming he’s decided to “avoid” the media to “protect myself” and focus on his mental health as he has an upcoming tour. Big Brother is streaming on Paramount+.

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