‘Celebrity Big Brother’: ‘Tone-Deaf’ Todrick Hall Returns to Social Media With Tour Dates

Celebrity Big Brother 3 runner-up Todrick Hall reportedly canceled media interviews after the season and hasn’t acknowledged the backlash he’s received. Many fans are now calling him “tone deaf” for returning to social media with upcoming tour dates instead of giving a statement or apologizing.

Todrick Hall smiling and posing during RuPaul's DragCon 2019
Todrick Hall attends RuPaul’s DragCon 2019 | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Todrick Hall returned to social media after ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ lost

When attempting to save his close ally, Miesha Tate, from going home, Todrick Hall expressed that he didn’t feel Shanna Moakler deserved to win the competition due to how she dressed and her relationship history.

Todrick continued to make disparaging remarks about Shanna after her exit, turning the viewers against him. Therefore, they began flooding his Instagram page, eventually causing the person running his social media to turn off all the comments.


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After Todrick left the BB house, he reportedly canceled all media interviews and hasn’t addressed the backlash. However, he recently returned to social media with an Instagram story post acknowledging the current situation in Ukraine and another promoting his upcoming tour dates.

Some fans took to Reddit to call out the singer for posting tour dates without apologizing, with several referring to him as “tone-deaf.”

Many fans were offended by Todrick Hall’s comments during ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Carson Kressley won Head of Household and quickly gunned for Miesha as she targeted him and proved herself the best physical competitor in the house. However, Todrick saved his ally by convincing Carson that Shanna played both sides. Believing he couldn’t trust his associate, Carson backdoored her.

Although some fans considered it a clever play, many didn’t like how he went about it due to how he spoke about Shanna. The singer claimed he didn’t think she should win, accused her of flirting with Lamar Odom for strategy, and noted he wouldn’t want his future daughter to look up to Shanna if his child entered the pageant industry.

Shanna threatened to turn the jury against Todrick after her exit, and he responded with, “don’t be too hard on me.” Reportedly, the comment is from a personal story that Shanna shared with Todrick, again rubbing viewers the wrong way.

The singer also brought Chris Kirkpatrick’s child into an argument, upsetting the *NSYNC singer who felt Todrick went too personal.

He lost ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ due to his remarks and poor jury management

After her exit, Teddi Mellencamp called out Todrick for claiming he needed the prize money while bragging about a movie theater in his house and debating over buying a $250,000 costume from Wizard of Oz.

When she cast her vote for Miesha, the former Housewife claimed “we can see behind the curtain” and said she picked the “lesser of two evils.” Kirkpatrick noted he cast his vote in his son’s favor, throwing shade at Todrick.

Additionally, Mirai Nagasu, Lamar, Shanna, and Carson voted for Miesha, with the latter, who had a friendship with Todrick before the show, claiming he thought the UFC fighter “worked it a little bit harder.” Todd Bridges, who initially felt Todrick played the best game after leaving, changed his tune by finale night.

Before casting his vote, he admitted the Live Feeds played a role in his decision, claiming he didn’t think the game required negatively talking about others following their evictions. Third-place finisher Cynthia Bailey is the only person who voted for Todrick to win but later admitted she felt “duped” by him.

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