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Recently, New Yorker writer Jia Tolentino wrote a piece inquiring into the growing trend of “Instagram Face.” She also explored the uptick in the popularity of plastic surgery, especially among influencers and Instagram models. Tolentino spoke with a celebrity plastic surgeon, Jason Diamond, who revealed what most of his clients want out of the experience, and why they’re looking to alter their appearance in the first place. What is the number one thing this surgeon to the stars says increased the acceptance of plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery
A doctor injects Botox | Don Murray/Getty Images

Meet plastic surgeon Jason Diamond, doctor to celebrity clients

Diamond appeared (and performed surgery) on the TV show Dr. 90210. Since then, he’s grown his client list to include models, actresses, and influencers. Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is a customer, and models like Olivia Culpo trust Diamond for their skincare needs. The plastic surgeon often reposts his famous clients’ photos, videos, and messages to his own Instagram feed.

Writer Jia Tolentino (the author of the book of essays Trick Mirror), wrote about his background in the New Yorker piece:

Diamond had trained with an old guard of top L.A. plastic surgeons … people who thought it was taboo to advertise. When, in 2004, he had the opportunity to appear on Dr. 90210, he decided to do it, against the advice of his wife and his nurses, because, he said, “I knew that I would be able to show results that the world had never seen.” In 2016, a famous client persuaded him to set up an Instagram account. He now has just under a quarter million followers. The employees at his practice who run the account like that Instagram allows patients to see him as a father of two and as a friend, not only as a doctor.

The Instagram account seemingly clinched his role as doctor to the stars.

“Diamond had long had a Web site, but in the past his celebrity patients didn’t volunteer to offer testimonials there,” Tolentino wrote.

“And, of course, we never asked,” Diamond told her. “But now—it’s amazing. Maybe thirty percent of the celebrities I take care of will just ask and offer to shout us out on social media.” Free marketing from the world’s prettiest facest? He’ll take it!

What’s the one thing that’s changed public opinion on plastic surgery?

Diamond continued to explain the increasing popularity in cosmetic work.

“All of a sudden, it’s popular knowledge that all these people are coming here,” Diamond said of his business. The one thing that’s changed everything? Social media.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner poses for a selfie | Michael Buckner/BMA2015/Getty Images for dcp

“For some reason, Instagram made it more acceptable,” he said. He explained it as such:

Cosmetic work had come to seem more like fitness. I think it’s become much more mainstream to think about taking care of your face and your body as part of your general well-being. It’s kind of understood now: it’s O.K. to try to look your best.

Which celebrity do Diamond’s plastic surgery clients want to look like?

The plastic surgeon explained that there are a handful of facial features that are commonly desired.

Halle Berry
Halle Berry attends the 89th Annual Academy Awards | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

“When you look at Kim, Megan Fox, Lucy Liu, Halle Berry, you’ll find elements in common,” Diamond said. “The high contoured cheekbones, the strong projected chin, the flat platform underneath the chin that makes a ninety-degree angle.”

However, the most requested celebrity face of all? Kim Kardashian West.

“I’d say that thirty percent of people come in bringing a photo of Kim, or someone like Kim,” Diamond continued. “She’s at the very top of the list, and understandably so.” The doctor explained that while Kardashian West’s face isn’t the right path for everyone, he can usually guide them to a great end result.

“It is true that the vast majority of our patients absolutely love their results, and they come back,” he said. Diamond gets some work done himself, he told Tolentino, so he is speaking from experience.

“You know when you get a really good haircut, and you feel like the best version of yourself?” Diamond mused. “This is that feeling, but exponential.”