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Cara Maria Sorbello is one of the most infamous players to ever compete on MTV’s The Challenge. And we can’t forget about her volatile relationship with past player Abram Boise. Now, both Sorbello and Boise have moved on to new relationships. But back when they were together, they endured plenty of on-screen fights that got vicious.

Now, we’re looking back at their relationship. And it seems Boise thought Sorbello made him a “better man” despite their fights.

Abram Boise and Cara Maria Sorbello were on and off from 2010 to 2016

Many Challenge fans aren’t surprised that Sorbello and Boise are no longer together. The two started dating in 2010 after meeting on The Challenge: Cutthroat. And they often butted heads due to their dominant, passionate personalities.

In 2011, Sorbello and Boise publicly broke up — and it wouldn’t be the last time. After they got back together, Boise explained to MTV that Sorbello always comes back to him no matter what. “Cara Maria is like a cat,” he said. “When you try to chase a cat it just runs away and then you turn around and go sit down and the cat shows back up at your leg.”

Boise and Sorbello’s biggest on-screen blowup occurred during Battle of the Bloodlines in 2016. Sorbello kissed contestant Thomas Buell while dating Boise, and Boise was then brought on the show when another contestant left for medical reasons. This, of course, ultimately resulted in Boise and Sorbello breaking up for good.

Boise once said Sorbello made him a ‘better man’ despite their fights

Cara Maria Sorbello attends MTV's  'The Challenge: Rivals II' final episode and reunion party
Cara Maria Sorbello attends MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Rivals II’ final episode and reunion party | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

While Boise and Sorbello fought hard on The Challenge, they still had a lot of love for each other. They both spoke with Ifelicious in separate interviews back when they were still on and off. And Boise mentioned how he still wanted Sorbello in his life despite everything.

“Any public fights or anything along those lines, any of the wild things, those are all things that have erupted from an enormous amount of passion between the two of us,” Boise explained in his interview. “The point being we’ve gone through a lot, and we’re still inexplicably and completely drawn towards each other. … I think that Cara Maria and I are going to be together for a very long time.”

Boise also added that while there seemed to be a lot of “turmoil” between him and Sorbello, there was more love than anything else.

“I understood that she loved me, and I understood that I was in love with her, and despite anything that might seem like turmoil, it was actually steady, and that’s why I wanted to be with her,” he noted. “She made me a better man.”

Sorbello said there was a lot of ‘jealousy and insecurity’ from Boise


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Boise noted he thought he and Sorbello would make their relationship work, and it seems Sorbello figured they could as well. But in her interview with Ifelicious, she noted she noticed Boise seemed to have a jealous and insecure side that impacted their relationship.

“He’ll get so mad at me for saying this, there’s a lot of jealousy and insecurity, I feel, from him,” Sorbello said. “I would never touch anybody else, and I never even try to make him jealous … [but] he’ll try to make me jealous, and he’ll do stupid things, ridiculous things, and God forbid, if I ever did any of that, the world would blow up for him.”

Sorbello then noted Boise’s actions toward her weren’t fair. “I feel like it’s a very one-sided relationship,” she added.

At the end of the day, we know Boise and Sorbello decided to go their separate ways. And it seems like it was all for the best, as they’re both much happier now that they’ve moved on.

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