Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber & Hailey Bieber Slammed for Restaurant Behavior; ‘They All Sucked’

2020 seems to be the year of exposing celebrities for their bad behavior. Whether they’re being called out on Twitter or TikTok, it seems that people are over their antics. Recently, Hailey Bieber was called out for her past restaurant etiquette by a TikTok user. The former hostess claimed that the young model was never “nice”. When the news got back to Hailey, she apologized and expressed hope that she could right this wrong in the future. But, now she’s being called out again for poor etiquette along with her husband, Justin Bieber, and Chance The Rapper.

Twitter Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper
Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

Recently, someone submitted an anonymous claim to the Instagram account, Deux Moi. They claimed that Hailey, her husband, Justin, and Chance The Rapper all demonstrated poor behavior during a recent visit to a trendy Chicago restaurant. “Justin Bieber was just in Chicago,” the post began. “He was eating at Beatrix in the West Loop with Hailey and Chance. I was just there last night and the waitress confirmed that they all sucked!” the anonymous user claimed.

Chance The Rapper, Justin Bieber, and Hailey Bieber called out for restaurant behavior

The person then went on to call out specific behaviors exhibited by Chance The Rapper, Justin, and Hailey. “Said they were walking about without masks on. Stayed for a while and DIDN’T PAY or LEAVE A TIP for the server, Was super disappointed when I heard it!” the post concluded. Naturally, this post could have easily been chalked up to rumors. But, when Dan T asked Chance the Rapper if he was the Chance in the post on Twitter, he confirmed that he did not, in fact, leave a tip.

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“Yea we didn’t order food, just drinks so we could talk,” Chance The Rapper wrote, attempting to justify the behavior. “And my homie owns the restaurant and told us not to pay. But I can understand why the server would be confused and upset about a tip. Tell him I got him next time,” the Chicago native added. But, much of Twitter was thoroughly unimpressed with his response.

Twitter refuses to accept the rapper’s excuses

Many Twitter users took it upon themselves to remind Chance The Rapper, Hailey, and Justin that getting something comped was not an excuse not to tip. In the U.S,. waiters and restaurant workers are often paid well below minimum wage. In fact, they depend on tips to make a living. For many people, not tipping, especially given the net worth of all three celebrities, is completely unacceptable behavior.

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“I wouldn’t want the public knowing me & my millionaire friends didn’t tip (on a free meal) after receiving service in the middle of a pandemic,” one Twitter user responded to the story. “That’s kinda embarrassing,”they continued. Seeing the backlash to his response, Chance The Rapper chose to delete his original tweet. Of course, Twitter users took offense to that also.

Critics and fans school the celebrities

“Not Chance The Rapper deleting this as if we didn’t already see it…a table with a combined net worth of $300m took up space at a table during a pandemic and didn’t tip the waiter lol,” one Twitter user commented on a screenshot of the rapper’s deleted response.

Chance The Rapper then responded yet again to Dan T. “I regret responding to your question publicly, I made a mistake in forgetting to find a way to tip the server,” the “Juke Jam” artist wrote. “I’ll make it right in private. Always tip the server folks,” he declared. Still, people were not appeased by this response.

Some claim Chance The Rapper is known for not tipping

“Even if your sh*t is comped you should ALWAYS leave a tip,” one Twitter user replied to Chance The Rapper. “You essentially made that server tip out his own money to support staff by not tipping him. And you have so much money!!! How are we going to know if you ‘made it right?'” they demanded.

Others argued that Chance The Rapper didn’t forget at all but was just trying to save face. Some other people even came out of the woodwork to declare that he is notorious for not tipping. Others, however, argued that their experience with the rapper was the opposite. Furthermore, neither Justin nor Hailey have addressed the claims yet. Who knows if these celebrities truly have a history of being terrible tippers. But, hopefully, all three of them can learn from this experience.